Capital One Card Conflict advice please

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    Wow someone doesn't like the real world answers they're being given.

    Which card have you applied for with capital one?

    You do realise you may only get a limit between £250 and £1500 if you've applied for the classic card.....
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    Gary: Which "real world answers" don't I like? Or are you talking out of the proverbial?

    snowtiger: Yet again. You completely missed the point. If you want to troll about whether to call inverted commas quotation marks maybe start a "new thread".

    Re: "Boasting". Yet again. You completely missed the point! I said I applied for a second card after checking the rating is good on Experian. This is not "boasting" this is due diligence. Wind your neck in, calling due diligence boasting and spending several messages clogging a thread with your petty posts about boasting and whether I use the term 'inverted comma' is a sad indictment and detrimental to the perception of the site image being more about fighting than go-to advice about for example "credit cards".

    You jibe that Experian is worthless re: Capitol One. Through the Experian process I got pre-approved for Capitol One. And rightly I was accepted right away.

    To the non-trolling good people viewing this forum searching for information on there credit cards: then here's a little Oasis of actual "real world" info amidst this troll saturated thread:

    Anyone saying expecting knowledge of acceptance of these cards within 24 hours is unrealistic evidently doesn't know what they are talking about.

    I applied for both of these cards last night. Accepted for both today.

    Tips applying for these cards:

    1) To get feedback about your Capital One acceptance (re: planning) don't wait until they snail mail you like the say to (up to 14 days etc). Simply call up after a short time and they will likely tell you instantly. Yes this can be on the weekend so don't delay til Monday like the bad advice from above! Applying on evenings or weekends is perfectly acceptable this day and age and in this case will provably speed up your acceptance.

    2) The aforementioned Tesco card has a limit of £1200 but for the longer period of 15 months, whereas the C1 card has only 4 months but a £1500 limit, which is a significant improvement.

    3) If balance transfers are not an issue, and you would value the greater limit in the short term then out of the two cards I'd personally recommend going for the Capitol One Complete card with only 4 months 0% and either pay off in full or pay it off in part and set calendars and alarms to transfer the remainder onto a 0% card before the end of the 4 months. That gives you 25% extra limit at the end of the day!

    4) Until they fix the form I personally wouldn't recommend applying for Capitol One via Chrome. Use Edge, although the form chokes on keyboard data entry (eg: date selectors) so use a mouse and you're golden. I can't speak for other browsers, YMMV of course but I'd avoid chrome for C1 form as it's badly implemented although for general browsing etc it's frequently seen by professionals as the better browser.

    Hopefully people looking for real world info on this thread will be able to take something from this.. if they can be bothered to painfully trudge through all the pernicious trollers above to get this far!

    Remember to follow all the advice in the MSE credit card guide, avoid applying for multiple cards if you have a poor credit rating or situation, and remember to check budget for min repayments!

    Have fun credit carding!

    Good luck with your applications!
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    I think the OP has the answers, well I do hope so as this thread is going way off topic and turning into a slanging match (in parts) I'm going to close it, for that and only that reason.
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