Capital One Card Conflict advice please

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Hello all, I hope you are having a collective wonderful evening in the zeitgeist :money:

I'm in the middle of signing up for Capital One card (from MSE group I believe), I've had success with the eligibility checker and in immediate need of advice because an *apparent* conflict is confusing me [no doubt it's not an actual conflict, just a perceived one).

Doing due diligence before clicking APPLY I read:
Key features of your Capital One credit card
Summary Box

Now of course this is the "Complete" version of the card recommended on MSE to build credit which offers 0% free for 4 months. I (perhaps erroneously) assumed that I could for example buy a car (part cash part card) use the full amount of credit and pay off over 4 months without incurring interest costs. This is one of the many items written in the aforementioned pre application summary box:
Interest Free Period
  • Maximum of 56 days for purchases where the balance is paid in full and on time
  • 0 days for balance / money transfers and cash
Subject to any interest free period that may apply.

56 days, not 4 months.. So I'm not sure which is true out of:
  1. If I buy an item at my limit I have 4 months to pay off 100%
  2. If I buy an item at my limit I have 56 days off 100%

Any solid advice greatly appreciated. Please note how sure you are on your answer or whether it's a guess.
Many thanks

[I can't post a link but the call it Capital One Complete Card]


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    "subject to any interest free period that may apply"
    Thats the clue
  • OP don't be so rude, you asked for help.

    Maybe you should read the full terms and conditions or ring Capital One, not be so rude.

    I've reported you, if anyone is a troll it's you.
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    !!! wrote: »
    What you're offered will depend on the final checks following application

    So you're claiming that the amount of days that the interest is payable over is in fact not the aforementioned 4 months nor the aforementioned 56 days?

    Do you have a source for this? Or is this wild assumption?
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    You've just jumped on a credit thread to cause trouble, that, is trolling.

    I already said I would call them when they open in the morning as you know. You're just jumping on other people threads to cause trouble and inflame the situation by jumping on the bandwagon then please desist.

    This sections about credit cards.
  • The standard period of time without incurring interest for the card is 56 days. There's an additional offer of 4 months introductory offer of 0% which overrides the 56 days.

    The offer overrides the 56 days due to the way the wording was used, "subject to". So you have the standard 56 days subject to any interest free period that may apply.

    That is, of course, conditional on your application being accepted under that offer .They may instead choose, after reviewing your application, to offer you a card without an interest free period (or no card at all, if they wish). If your application is successful, they will tell you the exact terms that they are able to give you at that point in time.
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    Some kind advice

    Many thanks, I'll have a good think about this and make a decision shortly.
  • Andy's back from the pub
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    Or you could apply for a card with a longer interest free period
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    Exactly my thoughts.. if Capital decide the "4 Months Interest Free" isn't going to apply to me even though I'm pre-approved then I'll certainly look elsewhere and possibly get a better deal. I chose the Capital One card after recommendation, saving time, and because it would get the job done and I could always transfer balance in 4 months if for unforeseen circumstances that's required.

    I'm guessing as Working said that the 4 months would apply, that's common sense instinct, but these niggling T+C lines like "interest free period on purchases is 56 days" and the like can sometimes bite you! No harm in double checking before applying for financial products eh ;)
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    I am getting sick to the back teeth of you posting anywhere you see please about Andy. It is not appropriate. No one knows what this silly reference is. So stop it.
    'Wizardy18' just trolling again, must be bored at home, someone should certainly put a warning on "Wizardy18's" account as he's jumping on serious threads playing his games trying to cause trouble and provoke people with little digs, I bet the whole "reporting" thing is part of the troll game he plays. No point disabling his account as he'd just make Wizardy19


    On topic, I think I'll go for this card and can always jump ship whether its 56 days or 4 months :)

    I've filled in the application, ticked all boxes but an error flags and this section keeps coming up in red:
    If you would like to transfer an existing balance to your new Capital One card, please enter your current card details below. If you don't have your details handy, you can still transfer a balance later by calling us when your card arrives. Minimum transfer amount is £50.

    Card Number and Amount are required.

    Then the boxes (in bright red re: error) for the balance transfer cards / names etc..

    I presume it's not compulsory to balance transfer so I left them blank..

    Seems odd

    If I leave it blank it's the error and transfer boxes are red.. If I put "0" I get:
    This is not a valid Amount
    Company, Card Number and Amount are required.
    Amount must be at least £50 and in whole pounds.
    Balance transfer
    Card company and card type

    Card number

    Amount to transfer (in full £'s)

    Fiiiiiiiiiiinally I've worked it out that it was the Capital One website being faulty after all!

    After persisting in Chrome and restarting several times I finally tried Microsoft Edge! Entered exact same details and worked first time!!!


    Within 14 days
    We'll let you know our decision by email or post.

    14 days!!!!!

    Wow I seriously should have applied for the Tesco Card.. 14 days is ridiculous!

    Before applying it says:

    Easy application
    Our application is easy to complete and you'll get a response within 60 seconds.

    Within "60 seconds!" - not 2 weeks!

    "A response" ?? That 60 response being that I'll not get a response for up to 14 days? That's seriously misleading!

    My advice? Apply for the Tesco Card, at least their website isn't broken (re chrome broken, and errors on edge data selectors but not fatal) and will give an answer in less than 14 days.. wow. Glacial :D

    Unfortunately it's no laughing matter as I need the money asap and fear applying for tesco now because of what 2 quick applications will do to my rating.

    I've no doubt I'll be accepted by C1 but potentially far too late. I'll give their CS a call in the morning but I'm not holding my breath.

    If you're in a hurry for your cash: Be warned!
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