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One of the UK's biggest mortgage brands mistakenly flagged some borrowers' payments as late over a five-year period, potentially harming their credit scores without them knowing, can reveal...
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'Halifax wrongly marks mortgage payments as late in five-year credit file blunder'
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  • takmantakman
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    Why are there so many references to it affecting your "credit score" in the article!. Can someone at MSE please explain to Callum Mason how lenders use the data in your file and NOT your credit score to help determine if they will accept you when applying for financial products.
  • VT82VT82 Forumite
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    It seems pretty dumb to risk paying your mortgage with a MANUAL payment on the LAST POSSIBLE day to do so without being classed as late. Talk about playing with fire. What's wrong with a Direct Debit for mortgage payments, really? I bet the number of people affected is very small and the article is totally overblown.

    Also 'It's also very disappointing that Halifax isn't offering customers compensation upfront, and is instead telling them to do nothing' - most people will not be out of pocket at all. Suggesting they should all be handsomely compensated (ultimately at the expense of Halifax's other customers) is the worst of MSE coming out yet again. How many times do you have to have it pointed out to you that your readers don't like the gutter journalism style, before you will actually proof-read your articles through an 'is this gutter journalism?' lens?
  • badmemorybadmemory Forumite
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    It used to be in their t&Cs that if you were paying manually NOT to pay on the last day. Well actually it said something more like if you did pay manually it might not be credited in time. So either someone has slipped up and removed it or people have decided not to let a little matter of a T&C get in the way of a bit of compo.

    We shouldn't be having to explain every time an MSE employee posts like this (or so it now seems) that "credit score" is not the phrase they should be using.
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