Wowcher vouchers expiry

Has anybody had any experience with Wowcher vouchers ??
Basically I boooked a couple of nights in a hotel that cost me £119-00 and I didnt realise that I had gone past the expiry date by a few days so I contacted them and they told me that because of this I could`nt still redeem the voucher and would`nt get a refund so does anybody know if this is right or not legally,


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    this is standard operating procedure, and the design of the service. They probably make a killing off unredeemed vouchers. The expiry date is so short for a "voucher" that it's clear this was their intention.

    If you paid with paypal just do a paypal claim, they tend to close the case and refund you. Although - do this at your own risk as they can still legally persue you because you agree to their t&c and they haven't broken anything in their t&c to warrant a refund.

    Hotel deals are the worst. I was looking at getting a hotel deal once and it had a 5 week expiry date. It was for a weekend break so could only be redeemed on the weekend until the expiry date.

    I went directly to the website of the hotel to look at the available booking days - they were all booked out. So the voucher was a complete scam as you could not redeem it.
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