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Hi there,

I hope I’ve started my thread in the correct place though I apologise if not!

My car insurance is due for renewal at the end of this month, I’m 23 at the end of the month and only passed my test in January and have started a new job as an apprentice recovery worker at a drug and alcohol charity/organisation run by the council that helps individuals with substance misuse. I have ran a new search and I’m trying to find tips on getting my insurance cheaper, what to put, etc.

It’s cheaper if I put my job as being a student though as I’m an apprentice will I have to put apprentice?

Also I’ve asked my colleagues at work what to put for the type of company I work for but they’ve all put completely different things, plus sometimes the insurance companies don’t have the same options to choose from!!!128553;

I have both my parents on my policy to help with bringing thebcost down and my partner (who is 27 years old) is on the policy and has only just passed his test also - I completely understand with two nearly passed drivers it isn’t going to be cheap though we’ve just moved into our first house and would like to save on money if we can.

If anybody can give me some tips on trying to get it cheaper or can recommend a particular insurance company to contact for a quote I’d really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!!!128522;


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    Do you goto school or college as well as the centre?

    If you do you may need business cover, you wont be travelling to a single place of employment/training.

    Sounds like employed not a student.
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    Putting too many people on the policy may not be the best idea. This could increase your premium. Try different options putting only one more person and see if this will get you a better price as well. Why don't you try Bell? They are awful at renewal but can be decent the first time.
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