Cheery's country living adventure

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    Happy New diary Cheery my dear!

    (Subscribed first - now just read back)

    How exciting Cheery - you know we are all going to live vicariously through you right?
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    Happy new diary, subscribed and looking forward to reading about your adventures in the country. One little word of caution when planning for chickens - Foxes - they take quite a bit of outwitting, beautiful though they are:(
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    :j:j:j Congratulations on the new diary, Cheery

    You want to work on the waistline a bit, so no cake, but have some **really** special coffee for you and Mr Cheery :coffee::coffee:

    You have 11 acres! I didn't realise! Utterly amazing ... I get that a lot of its boggy, but trees will help that :) and upslope you can have fruit trees, and nut trees ... yep, ponds ... oh my word. Wonderful!
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    Hello :hello:

    KC, thank you for the coffee :D It is indeed wonderful, and well worth all the bureaucracy and stressful waiting we went through :j we will indeed be having fruit and nut trees once I've worked out the best place to put them, and I've brought some of the willow from our old garden too to help soak up some of the swamp :D

    Maddiemay, foxes indeed - we've already seen what I suspect are fox footprints in the snow... we'll be getting rescue chickens so I don't want them to be all completely shut in again, but yes, outwitting the fox will take some doing...

    RT, feel free to live vicariously through me :D As long as you cheer me on a bit occasionally :D

    Walked round the edges of 5 of our fields (!) this morning, gosh it was SO lovely to be out there with nothing but the birds to listen to :j The view really is stupendous. A couple of the fields slope down quite considerably and there's a little spring/stream in one of them that might be a nice place to sit :)

    I also managed to get a picture of our local hare :j seen it a few times since we got here (in fact saw two together this morning) but this is the first timr I've caught it on camera :)

    Mr Cheery and I have popped out to try another local cafe (£5.75) - perfectly serviceable but not half as cheerful as yesterday's (although he reckons the coffee is better...)
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    Hiya Cheery :wave: Fellow runner and cake enthusiast here :rotfl: i'm reading you're old diary and I love it! So honest and very funny:rotfl: Was really pleased to see your new diary popping up on here. I'm going to subscribe to this one when I've finished or I'll get myself in a right muddle (which doesn't take much!).

    The very best of luck to you and welcome to MFW, its a lovely p!ace to be. I'll look forward to watching you kicking that mortgage into touch:)

    See you soon :)
    PP xx
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    <delurks>Shiny new diary? don't mind if I do! <relurks>
    just in case you need to know:
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    Hi Fanny Adams :hello: You don't need to be forever a lurker, you know! :D

    And Hi Pinkypig :hello: Gosh, you'll be there forever if you read the whole of my old diary, it lasted about 4 years I think! :rotfl: Big load of waffle :D But thank you for your kind words, and we'll see you back in here in a few months when you've finished reading! :rotfl:

    Just done YNAB, all looking acceptable :j Except for £10 which has had to be assigned to the 'budget fiddling' category (which is where I put stuff when it's evident I've spent it, but I have no receipt or memory of what on :o )

    Went out for a lte breakfast with Mr Cheery yesterday to a different cafe - not so nice as the one from the day before, so probably won't go there as often. It has a bookshop attached though, so might be a nice place to take visitors. We'll see. Spent £10.65 between us (but we were in there for 2 hours, plotting and scheming, so not too bad).

    Bought another £15 double clothes rail yesterday too - we had a built in wardrobe before but have no wardrobe at all here. Between us we have rather a lot of clothes :o so once the spare bedroom floor is fixed (as in new joists, not new carpet) that will be our dressing room :D But it's good to have everything on a series of rails :j

    Not much else to report. Wandered round our fields yesterday taking pictures, and found a few sticks that had fallen from a tree in the wind so gathered them in for kindling. Felt like a proper country woman for about ten minutes :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Working at home today, and then Mr Cheery has found us a sofa on Freegle so we're going to pick that up tonight :j It'll replace our tiny really uncomfortable one (not entirely sure what we'll do with that - probably stick it back on Freegle...)

    Have a good one folks! :hello:
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    Hello and happy new diary! Look forward to following your MFW adventures :)
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    Cheery :wave:!!!!!!

    What an adventure :T.

    Have some :bdaycake: and :coffee:.

    Can't wait to read of your exciting new life so shall do a little happy dance in anticipation :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:.

    If Mr C had a 'normal' job you'd be buying stuff new - how much more fun (and environmentally friendly) to send him out hunting/gathering stuff :T.

    :j to chickens. While you build a safe enclosure you can start thinking of names :j.
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    Hi cheery, welcome and good luck with the new diary :)
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