Where can I sell voucher codes?

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I have a large number of Google Play voucher codes (in digital form) that I am looking to sell. I have them listed on eBay, but they are not selling as fast as I hoped (even with a 15% discount). The problem is that it looks like I will not have sold them all by the time of the expiry date.

I have searched for voucher buying websites, but none seem to accept Google Play vouchers in £5 denominations. I have also looked into selling on other websites, but they do not seem suited to the sale of digital products.

Do you know of any places besides eBay that I can sell digital products on? Or have you any ideas on how I can swiftly sell these vouchers?


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    Reduce the price on eBay

    Local selling pages on facebook

    Just putting on your facebook status that you are selling them and maybe your friends will know people that would buy them.
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  • Hi Zeek.me might be a good idea. I have bought some discounted vouchers from them.
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