Can anyone help with this one please

I bought my house in 1994 at the it was work £26000 I was put in band Bbut after doing a check I should have been in band A because it was under £4000 , now the thing is the year after I bought it I had my loft turned into a bedroom without any extensions and it was then classed as 4 bedrooms instead of 3bedrooms , I an now wondering if I try to change my council band to A and claim back money cos I was in the wrong band that I might be put in a higher band because of the improvement I made I E the loft bedroom , my naighbours are in the same band and one of the As added an extension the other one as done nothing to her house , so now I’m worried if I try to change the band I will make it more expensive, thanks for reading


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    In most areas 1994 house prices were significantly lower than 1991.

    As you have carried out improvements since 1 April 1993 then the legislation says your band cannot be increased because of these improvements.

    However I am not certain whether these improvements can be reflected when a reduction is sought. I have a feeling they should not be, but would suggest you contact the VOA itself to confirm or otherwise.
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    Thank you so much for your rely ,really helped
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