Virgin stocks and share isa

I'm looking to open a stocks and shares isa. Saving £50 a month long term, around 10 years. I want the stocks and shares selected for me.

I'm looking at Virgin just now and wonder if anyone has used them or got any advice. They charge 1%, not sure if this is a lot of if it is around the norm? I have my pension with them so they why I'm looking at them.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    Virgin are expensive for nothing special.

    For a contribution of £50 per month look at Cavendish who charge a platform fee of 0.25% and you can invest in multi asset funds such as Vanguard LifeStrategy, Blackrock Consensus or HSBC Global Strategy which have ongoing charges of around 0.2% with the exact fee depending on the fund manager and risk/reward profile you pick.

    Still your platform plus fund fees will be under half of the Virgin cost for a similar investment performance.

    Or if you are OK to pay a high fee then at least go for something with a history of outperforming the market (even after fees) such as Orbis Access which offer very simple ISAs invested in their Global Equity (high risk) or Balanced (medium risk) funds.

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    Virgin are expensive and their choice of funds are poor.

    A 1% charge might not sound much, but you can get a better diversified fund for less than 0.5%.

    I suggest looking at the following range of multi-asset funds as a good starting point. You can read about all of them on (select the ones labelled "IA Unit Trusts & OEICS"):

    Vanguard LifeStrategy
    HSBC Global Strategy
    Blackrock Consensus

    All of these cost less than 0.5% if bought through the best platform:

    Vanguard LifeStrategy (20, 40, 60, 80, 100) on Vanguard Investor = 0.37% (0.15% platform fee + 0.22% OCF)

    HSBC Global Strategy (Cautious, Conservative, Balanced, Dynamic, Aggressive) on Cavendish Online = 0.42% - 0.46% (0.25% platform fee + 0.17% - 0.21% OCF)

    Blackrock Consensus (35, 60, 85, 100) on Cavendish Online = 0.47% - 0.48% (0.25% platform fee + 0.22% - 0.23% OCF)

    EDIT: Alex beat me to it, but you can see that we were both thinking along the same lines!
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    You must be my twin brother!

    I didn't suggest Vanguard Investor as the minimum for a regular contribution is £100 per month.
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    You must be my twin brother!

    :) Snap!

    Great minds? ;)

    Yes, Vanguard Investor does have that drawback. I should have said to the OP that they could always save up for a year in a regular saver so that they would have the funds for an initial £500 deposit, after which they could make monthly deposits of £50 if they wished.
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    Lets go for triplets... ;)

    Virgin is expensive and poor quality. Their ISA and pensions are aimed at people buying the brand but not buying quality.
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