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    Correct. Send it to their registered address stating what you require them to do withing 7 days, stating that unless that is forthcoming you will immediately commence legal proceedings at which point you will also be claiming not only the value of the phone but court fees, incidental costs and statutory interest.

    HOWEVER, if it isn't a UK company you can forget all that.
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    thanks - yes, they are in Cheshire. I've emailed them today and sent them a message on twitter. If I hear don't hear anything by tomorrow I will write as you have suggested.
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    I've just received my phone back after refusing their revised offer, and it's got scratches all over the back of it that weren't there when I sent it to them. I'm fairly sure that the scratches were deliberately inflicted because I gave them a hard time about getting my phone back to me. Unbelievable. Don't really know what to do now. They're an absolute SHOWER. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  • Send a pristine LG phone complete with charger to Music Magpie for a supposed purchase price of £65. Got an email telling me it was faulty... Battery was expanded so they'd offer £7!!! Battery had been holding charge no problem. Got it sent back. Tried for 5 minutes on a sheet of glass to find any perceptible rocking of the battery to indicate it was expanded... I could find nothing! Thought I was dealing with a reputable company but just another rip off...
  • I am just in the process of dealing with this company. I have sent a Samsung Galaxy S6 64gb in very good condition - it has been in a case for 2.5 years and even has had a glass screen protector for the entire time so I know it is in great condition. They quoted £128 and I have now had a revised offer of £38.40 due to "screen burn". What a load of rubbish. Until 2 weeks ago i used it everyday to watch movies and tv shows on and I know the screen is perfect.
    Luckily I saw the email come through and declined the offer immediately. I just hope I get it back in good condition.
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    Good luck. I ended up writing a letter to the CEO because the service was so atrocious. You have to keep on their case.
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    In the past 12 months, I have sold 2 iPhones (6 and 6 plus) and an Apple watch to MM and have always received the value I was offered online.

    CEX on the other hand, they never paid what they originally offered online due to scratches which were not there when I sent the item (PS3) so I know how annoying it is.
  • I think martin should have the name if this compamy remived from the MSE website. Pristine phone sent. Offered £95 revised offer of £61 due to screen fading/ discolouration. Ehat does that even mean?
  • Terrible experience both selling and buying, I will never use them again. Pristine item sent in, they reduced the offer massively, and when I questioned they sent a picture of a device with significant damage.
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    I bought a s6 edge of these in June last year and it came with a slight screenburn see this post here…320 the very last reply.

    Anyways I recently managed to pick a s8 up for £300 so it was time for it to be sold and would you know it Music Magpie were offering £123 whichwas the best price so sent it off Tuesday and received an email about screenburn and was offered £33!

    I was straight on the phone and explained it was sold to me like this and if you check the previous emails to them just after I bought it you'd sed I was complaining about screenburn and if it was to get any worse could I send it back under warranty.

    She said it was lines down the screen which has me worried hoping it still in the same condition, she said she'd forward the pictures (from the warehouse) in an email which I didn't receive I rang up at 4.30 and it shut at 5... And she'd also refuse the offer which hasn't been done as I can still refuse or accept the offer so going to have to ring again tomorrow but she's opened the warranty issue on a email.

    Here's the fun part she said I have to get the phone back to me then send it back to them for the warranty for them to take 7 days to replace the handset for me then to send it back to them to sell! What a faff on!

    Tbh if it comes back in the condition I sent it to them I'll cut my loses and do a quick sale of 100 bound to get that.

    But I've been well and truly put off selling to MM!
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