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Have you saved money? Want to tell the world?

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  • I feel great to be part of this forum, as it has shown me the value of saving, I was extremely careless with not saving much, but since last 1 year, I have done huge saving on just about everything and have around 10k in the bank and getting many tips here which has further reduced my expenses.
  • After reading about haggling I decided to have a go after receiving m car breakdown insurance renewal of £249 :(.

    I researched other companies rates before ringing and was then
    offered a price of £124 to stay with the company :j


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    I have booked a cruise, from S/hamton, in January 2017 and live in Bristol the lowest train fare on offer was £18.50 each way. (from Bristol to Southamton).
    Using your site and spitting the ticket, I have just paid £12.95 (including the booking fee and credit card fee) total Just ticket) price was £5.60 each way. I do have a Senior Card and get a 30% discount. But I am just saying Thank You to this site for doing such a good job.:beer:
  • I have read the suggestions on and have been able to implement some of them in recent months with some great savings...

    Previous Broadband contract - £26/month
    New contract - PlusNet - 18 months - £242.86 (with £30 cashback)
    Total - 11.82/month
    Annual saving = £170.00

    Water meter installed - Previous bill: £430/year, now paying £15/month.
    Annual saving = £250.00

    Bank Account
    Bank account switch - £100 incentive + £5/month
    Annual saving = £60.00 (+ £100 incentive)

    Energy switch - £31/month to £13/month
    Annual saving = £216.00 (+ £30 cashback)

    In total around £800, an incredible amount of saving for a relatively small amount of effort. I would like to thank Martin Lewis and his team for putting in the time and the effort in researching the many ways we can save and to those forum members who contribute their own personal successes in saving.

    (previously posted on different forum, but seems more appropriate here :idea:)
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    I have just been into my local independent electrical store and asked if they will match another Euronics store price for a new Bosch fully integrated dishwasher. It is in the top five Best buys on the Which? site (for which we took out a £1 month's trial).

    It was listed at £720.99 online this morning on their web-site. I just got it for £529.00 delivered free. So that saved me £191.99 if I had just clicked online, or £190.99 if you count the £1 trial in the overall price.

    I hate the idea of haggling but it had to be done. The shop were happy, I had done my research, knew what I wanted and after a bit of a computer delay (Black Friday congestion!) we were sorted and I was out in less than 15 minutes, letting the salesman greet the two new potential customers as I left the store. Win-win I would say.

    I'm happy.

    Save £12k in 2020 - #20 £2161.30/£5k 28.72% after Apr
    OS Grocery Challenge 2020 target £863.93/£3k 28.8% so far at end of April
    Mortgage Free Wannabes 2020 #37 £7,678.12/£15,000 51.9%
    MFIT T5 No 2 £50,483/£59,998 or 84.14% paid after Q5
    My Debt Free Diary is here
  • I have been a great fan of MSE for some time. I would just like to share some of the savings and money making ideas I have implemented over the past few years / months.

    In addition to the following, I am now mortgage and debt free :D

    Bank Accounts

    Bank account switch 1 - £100 incentive + £5/month, now £3/month.
    Bank account switch 2 - £125 incentive. *

    Bank account switch 3 - £150 + £50 to stay. *
    Bank account switch 4 – Free £100 gift card + £10 per month. *
    Bank account switch 5 - £150 incentive + £40.40 cash back through TopCashBack - TCB).

    * Additional switch incentives: Access to regular monthly savers offering 5% on £250 - £300

    There’s more to be had!
    Bank switching info and good interest rate current accounts Here

    Regular Saver info Here

    Credit Cards

    Thanks to MSE, I never pay interest on credit cards :) and have received money by applying for credit cards, when needed, through TCB. So far for 2017, I have received:
    Cash back £163.00

    Home Insurance

    Last year my renewal quote with the same provider was £295!! I went elsewhere and got it for £106, plus £60 cash back through TCB.
    Annual saving = £249.00


    Water meter installed - Previous bill: £480/year, now paying £10/month.
    Annual saving = £360.00


    Energy switch - £39/month to £16/month
    Annual saving = £276.00 + £60 cash back through TCB

    In total around £1959.40 saved, and I am still going! :D:p;)

    One of the things I always do is to use comparison websites for competitive quotes, and then either go through TopCashBack or Quidco to see if I can also get cash back or haggle
    :) In fact, whatever I do, I always check on cash back sites first, even if I buy the odd few bits on eBay!
    Saved Nitty Gritty £7440.75 [149%] / £5000-[Sep] £58.44:starmod: for the 'Save 12k in 2017' #157
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    I achieved a small saving using the Large South American RIver Co discount finder in conjunction with [email protected] x3. I need a iron but wanted a good make, I found a Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron which retails at £34.99, down to £18.99. The Camel site showed that it had been 14.99 previously so I waited until after the Bank Hols "promotion" and it went back down £14.99.

    That gave me a saving of £20!
    Do not make any sudden moves.
  • Just saved £315 on my water bill. Let me explain after awhile my loo would just slightly start to refill the cistern, nothing major just a little bit. My curiosity got the better of me so I flushed then jammed the float arm shut to measure the time and amount of water loss. To my amazement it emptied within an hour so here's the Maths. United Utilities says 1000 litres costs £3.00 the average loo are 12 litres cisterns.
    per hour 12 litres
    * 24 288 litres
    *365 105120 litres * £3.00 = £315
    This is so miss-able with the water going in the loo you wont notice it so listen to your loo is it dribbling?
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