Wedding dress storage

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I've been asked to store a nieces wedding dress and wondering how best to do that. Its a bit of a responsibility and I dont want her to ask for it in a few years to find it mouldy and musty. It was given to me basically on a hanger. At the minute I have placed it in a 50litre plastic tub with lid. I have folded it up as best as possible and placed tissue paper in the folds. I have sent for some small sachets of silica gel which I will also place in the tub. Should this be ok?
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    My wife took her dress to a dry cleaners, who dry cleaned it and put it in a sealed box, cost £90 all in.

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    It needs to be spotlessly clean before storage.
    It may look clean enough but if stored straight from wearing any perspiration will yellow and splashes of white wine which matey noe be visible now will come through.
    Trust me, I know this from experience.
    Mind you, many years later when I got it out and saw the tired and grubby state it was in, I threw it into the washing machine on. A gentle cycle, good as new.
    I’m only really keeping for the future grandkids to play dressing up!
    What really Is the point in a dress that won’t be worn again? The memories are in my head and in photos, dress is just an accessory to the crime.
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    Um, hate to trigger anxiety but is the tissue paper acid free? You can get it on ebay as well as at stationers.

    Padding the hanger can help depending on the cut of the garment, but it's a biggish ask. Contact her in another couple of years & ask her to reclaim it...

    (We've a family wedding dress, currently misplaced & a veil, last seen adorning a now-living-in-America cousin - I foresee some polite but anxious emails.)
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