Evaluating and selling old currency?

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Hello - forum newbie here! I hope this is the correct board.

Does anyone have any recommendations for places where I can have a mix of old currency evaluated - online or otherwise?

I have a large mixed collection of old currency, both coins and paper notes, which has been given to me over the years by a family member who used to travel around the world for his work, from countries such as China, Europe, India etc. A lot of it is 20+ years old, and includes pre-euro currency.

I know there is the option of selling it myself on places like ebay (which I have done with some of the notes) but as a good majority of the currency is not in english I have no way of telling what it is - some may even still be valid.

Some advice would be very much appreciated.
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    What condition is it in Sallangel? If you've managed to sell some on eBay then presumably fairly good. Might be worth looking for a copy of something like Stamp and Coin Mart in WH Smith's and looking in the small ads. (Or tryt https://www.collectors-club-of-great-britain.co.uk/stamps-coins/traders/banknotes/ to look for a local dealer).
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    Do you have a reasonably local auction house? They will often give you an indication of value - and you may find selling via them the most effective way to dispose of what will almost certainly be a mix of run of the mill stuff plus (hopefully) a few more profitable items.
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    I've never used it but this site lets you post in a mishmash of currencies and they will convert it to Sterling for you. You'll have to work out what it is, though. https://www.leftovercurrency.com
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    lammy82 wrote: »
    I've never used it but this site lets you post in a mishmash of currencies and they will convert it to Sterling for you. You'll have to work out what it is, though. https://www.leftovercurrency.com

    Well, if you're happy to trust LOC, you can just post a large bundle (or drop it off at their office) and they will work it out for you.

    Their rates are quite bad, mainly because they sell a lot of the items they take in on ebay (so they definitely can't pay more than ebay's fees), and they dump a lot of stuff into Fourex as well and Fourex's rates are even worse. But if you can't be bothered to do it yourself and are not expecting to get a particular amount of ££, I suppose it doesn't matter.

    Sallangel if you post photos on here I will tell you what everything is. Some other posters are bound to know as well.
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    The auction house idea could be a good one. It's difficult to know what you have.

    You may have one or two items worth quite a lot but it mostly won't be. If you've got time you could try cataloguing it and emailing a few dealers.

    There are a few Numismatic Societies which have registered members. Many moons ago I dealt with Chards of Blackpool.

    The British and European stuff is usually easy to find value for, the China, India, etc can be trickier. It's always worth looking at completed listings on Ebay, try US site as well as UK and other countries relevant to the items.

    Remember that with coins and notes, the less popular they are the more chance there is of a profit. The Churchill crown is a good example. It's a cool coin but everyone kept at least one so you can still pick them up for pennies. I'd imagine that many of the Euro citizens kept a fair amount of pre Euro coins, so they probably won't have any great value.
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    Lots of very helpful Coin groups on Facebook.

    Ultimate Coin Collectors UK is one :)
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