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MSE News: Major shake-up of Tesco Clubcard rewards scheme

Tesco has revealed it’s making major changes to the value of its Clubcard Rewards vouchers......
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'Major shake-up of Tesco Clubcard rewards scheme'
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  • macray76macray76 Forumite
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    Another devaluation of what was once a really good scheme.

    I miss their boost events and now we have a big balance of vouchers that we only ever occasionally used in places like Pizza Express.

    We'll use up the existing vouchers but we have already moved our weekly shopping delivery from Tesco to Ocado.
  • tgroom57tgroom57 Forumite
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    I'm very pleased about the redspottedhanky :D now 3x.
  • cagsdcagsd Forumite
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    A bit of notice would have been nice!! I've been saving my vouchers for ages for a big 18th birthday meal for my son, would have cashed them in if I'd known this was happening! :mad: :mad:
    I wouldn't have known about this other than seeing it on MSE's Facebook page - Tesco haven't emailed to let us know!
  • harz99harz99 Forumite
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    I guess more people will have less reason to use MrT now.

    We do less than 5% of our normal shop there now, with Aldi/Lidl/Home Bargains and various pound shops being the ones who gain.
  • nice of them to let people know :mad:

    I very rarely visit Tesco these days but this is just another nail in the coffin. A company that treats customers with such contempt doesn't even warrant an infrequent visit.

    Bye bye Tesco.
  • B_MB_M Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I received the email, but was disappointed!
    I still have a decent balance of points, well did have, but only worth 75% now for what I use them on.................... Chef and Brewer!
    I agree, notice would have been decent of them, even if just a week or so to cash out!
    There are obvious winners though!
    There has been a backlash, so wait and see time to see if they renege.
    lack of advance notice could cost Tesco short term, maybe even long term. But, Tesco is a magnet for controvesy!
    No payments from financial products from cash back sites? Put in a complaint direct and if they don't resolve your issue, head straight to the financial ombudsman - it costs the company £550 in referral fees, win or lose.
  • millermiller Forumite
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    The problem here is the use of the word 'simplifying' when 'changing' is more apt; that having been said I only use them for Redspottedhanky so it's OK for me (though I fondly remember when that was x4 with no booking fee).
  • What a badly implemented change. Ok, their scheme their rules, but to devalue it in this way, with no notice, under the guise of 'simplification' is marketing sophistry at its worst.

    At least I only have about a tenner in unused vouchers (which would just have gone towards Zizzi or Pizza Express). But I do feel for everyone that had been saving up for something that now they won't be able to afford.

    "Every Little Hurts" perhaps? Anyway, I'm moving more and more to Waitrose. If you play it selectively, you can get some good deals there, along with the free coffees and papers...
  • minislimminislim Forumite
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    i rarely shop at tesco's anymore as their prices seemed to be creeping up ever so little.
    it was that and their overprice fuel they charge in my area. usually 4p dearer than the nearest towns.
    i complained about it and pointed out their price promise to match within 5 miles. apparently that promise doesn't exist any more.

    so for me my loyalty towards tesco doesn't exist anymore (not that i had much of it anyway haha)!
    its about time they scrapped their slogan as there's no help to customers? not even a little!
  • ayayayayayay Forumite
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    The clubcard scheme is not only a scheme for shoppers it also acts as a reward scheme for people using a Tesco credit card. As such it comes within the bailiwick of the FCA and its handbook. Is the reduction in points value without notice unfair and in breach of the FCA's principle of treating customers fairly, particularly

    "Outcome 5: Consumers are provided with products that perform as firms have led them to expect, and the associated service is of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect."
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