Train cancelled mid journey, Virgin refusing to refund taxi fare

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My dad went for the day from Wigan to Glasgow. On the return leg of the journey the train stopped at Oxenholme and after a 2 hour wait due to some problem with an overhead cable all the passengers were asked to get off as a replacement bus service was going to come for them. They waited and only 1 coach arrived for a full train of passengers (This was at 10 o'clock at night). The were told that they would be taken by coach to the nearest station on the main line where they would continue their journey. They were running out of time as the final train from preston was going to be leaving soon, and having checked with a member of staff they found that only 1 more coach was on its way to collect more passengers. My dad arranged to get a taxi to Preston to get the onwards train, but then on the way they realised they would have missed it, and so got someone to come and collect them from Preston instead. He has tried to claim for the £120 taxi ride, but Virgin are saying he can only claim for his return train ticket, not any other expenses incurred. As this was at night and there was no way of them continuing their journey by train that day I feel that Virgin should compensate and pay for the taxi fare. Any advice?


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    Train companies will not usually reimburse any expenses not authorised by them.

    The train company would have (eventually) arranged alternative transport for you or put you up in a hotel overnight for you to continue your journey the next day on the same ticket.
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    If staff are at the station you need to let them sort the situation out, as soon as you DIY you are in a weakened position.

    I’ve been in a similar situation, arrived well after the last train due to a lineside problem, but our taxi was only £10 so we did DIY as there were hundreds waiting.

    The Virgin staff were however sorting out taxis and some passengers were a two hour trip away.

    All you can do is complain in writing and see if they refund.
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