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Cooking for one (Mark Three)

edited 13 January 2018 at 9:51AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    Good evening everyone,
    Another one here with problems posting today:(

    I'm glad folk have found the new thread:).

    The weather has been foul - cold, wet & windy so I apart from a brief bin run I've not been out. There's gales forecast for tomorrow and snow/ice alert for Monday/Tuesday so suspect it may well be a few days indoors.
    My friends with pooch paid a surprise visit this afternoon bearing a rather lovely potted miniature white rose as wee gift. Hopefully I'll not manage to kill it before the weather picks up and I can pot it on outdoors. While I'm fairly greenfingered outdoors, I seem to be able to kill indoor plants fairly regularly:o.

    I've had a bit of CBA day re food. No breakfast again, I'm just not feeling hungry until lunch time so just not bothering. Lunch was a bowl of HM broth from the freezer with toast and the last of a piece of brie. Tonight, I fancy something easy so I think it will be the last (not wonderful) M&S fishcakes, with a few roasted potatoes. Both from the freezer so no prep. I've also a third of a bag of kale to use up so I'll have that with some peas as veg to go with it. I suspect half of my CBA is that the meal plan I did last weekend has ended and I've not got round to doing another (More CBAness:o). A task for tomorrow as I do think it helps me vary my food even if I don't always stick to them. Tomorrow I think I'll defrost some cooked stewing steak (surplus from the NY steak pie) and make some sort of stew from that and any LOs can be used up for lunch on Monday. I've also a portion of pepper stew LO from last night but will hold off freezing it in case I want to use it tomorrow either for lunch or in the stew.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    an awful lot of people are hating this dull depressing weather. At 11am it went a tiny bit better than dull so I got myself out on my bike, I have to be determined and do it suddenly. Did a longer ride today but could feel the cold air going into my lungs, tried to breathe in through my nose but thats hard. I know it was cold because my hands were almost numb when I got back in spite of two sets of gloves but I am very glad I went. 10 miles today included along a river path and said good morning to a few people, passed 10 swans in one group but the lanes are still manky and my bike is worse than manky now

    No soup today, cba, rollmop meal was nice and I took a hm rm out of the freezer for last meal. Nice amounts of space are appearing in my freezer but I have to empty my small freezer yet, that one needs to be cleaned and turned off asap. I picked too many blackcurrants, I am going to make some jam next week, to give to dds.

    I have first breakfast soaking in fridge, frozen mixed berries, hemp seeds, oats and soyamilk. Second breakfast is in the fridge from freezer, smoked salmon lo from christmas. I am going to freezer dive for one meal tomorrow, no ideas but I know I have half a jar of rollmops and a few flageolet beans and veg in the fridge

    Some sun would be wonderful tomorrow to lift spirits and warm houses
  • I think we can all second that re some sunshine. Trying not to remember that February and March are often the worst months of all. Forgot about the weather completely for that couple of hours I was having sauna, etc, yesterday and then re-emerged to get blown to pieces yet again by the West Wales wind and see those grey skies.....agh! and I've had living abroad for a few years as a child in hot climates too (as well as being from being from a "better weather" part of the country).

    Re your comment on mealplan caron - hmmm...perhaps I'd better get down to making out, say, a month's mealplan (with a little bit of inbuilt variation for seasonal stuff) at some point. Not to say I'd always stick to it:rotfl: - but might give a basis to work from at least. I think the shopping list part of making out a mealplan is defeating me a bit at the moment. I have at least learnt to divide my supermarket shopping list into two columns now - ie a fruit and vegetables column and an "everything else" column and that's one way to make sure I'm buying plenty of fruit & veg. (as I can see if that section of list looks reasonably long).
  • HollyharveyHollyharvey Forumite
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    I decided to have a change from apples with porridge for breakfast this morning and had porridge with some mixed berries :).

    Lunch will be a sandwich of some sort. I don't know what yet. There is tuna and cheese but I may have a look at how many eggs I have got. If there is a lot I will probably do an egg mayo sandwich.

    Yesterday I cooked a few HM ready meals for the freezer and today I have just put beef goulash in one slow cooker and turkey goulash in the other. So a portion of one of those will be dinner tonight with rice, because I've run out of potatoes. Then I'll freeze the other portions.

    After my recent health problems I want to make sure that I have got plenty of HM ready meals in the freezer. Also useful for CBA days.
  • Morning All,

    Raining here at the moment, I'm regretting not doing my washing yesterday :(

    Well done Kittie 10mls is good in such yucky weather, I only had time for a short walk around the park yesterday, a shameful 1.82mls but I'm still on track for this weeks target.

    Breakfast today was greek yoghurt and stewed apples, I fancy some prunes tomorrow so must remember to soak overnight.

    I'm going to make lentil soup this morning with the stock from the gammon joint I cooked yesterday, I haven't made soup for ages and my freezer stocks are getting a bit low, I get a bit jittery if there are less than 5 portions in there :)

    For my evening meal I fancy Moussaka, I have all the components in the freezer just need to defrost, assemble and cook.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Peppermint tea at the moment, I am using up some tea pigs that I bought ages ago for a family gathering but peppermint is a good herb to be drinking. I am expecting weak sun from 12, so will be ready to enjoy it in one way or other, even if just sitting by the french doors

    So my soaked oat mix was nice and I have a slice of hm bread with smoked salmon soon. I have my rollmops/veg/bean meal at lunchtime and still don`t know for last meal but a soup with grated ginger would be good and I have red pepper and sweet potato. Ginger, good for tum, good for cold season

    I am planning on doing a little food stash busting later, using oatmeal and molasses in parkin. I want to make jam but need sugar and its not worth getting the car out just for jam sugar
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I don't think I could take the heat in a sauna. I know I have been in one when I was on holiday and could only go in for a few minutes at a time.:D

    I would love a hot tub where you could sit outside and get daylight, but be in hot water so you are warm. I can dream, lol.

    I had toast with Marmite today, but still felt hungry so I had 2 crackers with cheese afterwards.

    I'm making a roast dinner with the veg I have left along with onion gravy. HM nut burger as well if I can find a recipe.
  • wortwort Forumite
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    Money- I envy your sauna, though I prefer a steam room. It used to be my favourite part of going to the gym. I gave up the gym due to money constraints a couple of years ago. I'm being treated to a spa day on Tues part of dd1 s Xmas present, I'm going with dd2, whose birthday is today.

    As a surprise for dd2, her boyfriend arranged for us all to meet up for a meal, dd1 and her partner came and picked me up, and they paid for me too. I had a salmon fillet with new potatoes and peas, it should have had hollandaise sauce with it but wasn't able to find out if it was g free so asked for garlic mayo. I had a couple of glasses of wine too!
    I'll go round to dd2 s in a bit, take her present and drop off dgson uniform for school. He won't be sleeping tonight as she's booked the day off and I'm working tomorrow and need to leave early.

    Tea today will be the meal I should have had yesterday, so the sliced potatoes and onions cooked in stock, with a genius chicken pie. Possibly some cauli too.

    Kittie- you put me to shame , 10 miles is amazing. I got a bike but struggled to go anywhere on it the roads are so busy, and double parked, it's also quite hilly, and I'm out of breath in no time.
    Focus on contribution instead of the impressiveness of consumption to see the true beauty in people.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    I would love a hot tub where you could sit outside and get daylight, but be in hot water so you are warm. I can dream, lol.

    Have you tried a big overcoat, hat and mittens?
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    I can't cook/eat a thing. Awaiting a repair man (wind decided the roof didn't need to be where it started) ... who is arriving "mid morning". So I can't do/start anything, including food/eating as I need to be on high alert to spot him, get the job done etc.

    When an event will occur I can't sleep the night before and I get up early.... so I didn't get to sleep until 2.45am and I was up and about by 6am again.

    Done/hung some hand washing..tidied a little bit .... now just "pacing about".
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