Disgraceful First Bus! Late bus caused docked wages!

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Public Transport & Cycling
My daughter was working, minimum wage, for a well known high street store for a Christmas job. She went out in good time to get her usual bus but it didn't come and it resulted in her being 15 mins late, her wages were reduced to reflect it.
She wrote to First Bus to complain and asked if they would compensate her, a few free bus tickets or something. Letter from them this morning says they don't give compensation when a service fails to operate as scheduled, they have offered apologies!

We know the bus service here is bad, they come at all times, not as scheduled but as they come every 15mins it's not a problem, however on this occasion no bus came for 30-45, so she was late.

Anyone else had compensation?


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