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Hi All

I am new to the forum so apologies if this is under the wrong category.

I am a first time buyer and have a moving date of next week. I was just looking for advice on what I should/need to do with regard to energy providers. Does this need to be arranged before hand or when I am actually in the property?

If anyone has any other tips for 'Moving Day' they'd be much appreciated :-)


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    Moving Tips - keep a box labelled "Wanted On Journey" - kettle, milk, sugar, cups, coffee, tea, biscuits/cakes.

    Do you know where the nearest take-away is to your new home?
    Never pay on an estimated bill
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    ASAP take a photo of the meter readings, it may save problems later should there be dis- agreement over start reading of the meters

    And take one a week later once you have settled in, it will help give you a very rough clue about your possible future consumption
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    Find out who the gas and electricity suppliers are and on the day thay you become the owner (not necessarily the day you move) read the meters (Gas, Electric & Water) write down the readings and keep them somewhere safe.

    Then contact the appropriate supplier to give them the meter readings and open an account in your name.

    The quicker you do it the less chance there is of paying for the previous owners consumption. You will be in a deemed contract with the existing supplier untill you decide to swap or change tariffs.

    Once you've registered with the existing supplier you are free to change to a supplier of your choice. Always save the initial meter readings just in case there are any queries in the future and ensure that you read the meter yourself - do not rely on someone else doing it (unless it's your dad).

    Read the meters yourself once a month and keep your own spreadsheet. Give the readings to your supplier every month and makes sure that your bills or statements reflect the reading that you give. Do not accept any estimated bills, get them corrected immediately.

    95% of the problems with energy bills are because the consumer hasn't noticed a problem and it's escalated.

    If you keep on top of your bills you won't end up with any surprises or shocking bills in the future
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    That's good advice from Matelodave.

    To Robin9's list I would add knife fork spoon and possibly plate (unless your takeaway is finger food :) )

    Also, keep a second box very handy with toilet roll :) disinfectant/bleach/cleaner, towel, washing-up liquid etc.

    Do an on-line search for "who to tell when you move home". It will be a good reminder for one or two agencies that you may have forgotten about. The BBC result from that search shows a good list, although it does say it is now archived.
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