Boycott sports online entry system

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If you're thinking of running a marathon and find yourself using to sign up to it, then be warned - their online system has been compromised and hundreds of runners have had their CC details leaked and used fraudulently.

We have setup a FB community group to highlight the problem. If you've been effected, or know anyone who has recently signed up to a marathon, or other distance race, then they may have put themselves at risk...

Some of us have by had holidays booked, iPads and designer goods purchased on their cards without their knowledge - customer service is poor, and when alerted to the issue simply pass on responsibility to the card holder to contact their bank using stock email responses.

Please join us on Facebook (search for "Boycott") - the more we understand, the better informed we are. The more pressure we can put on race and event organisers to stop using and putting participants at risk of credit and debit card fraud.

(Mods - if this is against T&C's then please contact me, this is a serious problem within the running community and as a leading consumer forum you are in a strong position to help highlight the issue)

Thanks for you time.


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