Anglia wont give me my refund

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Hi folks,

Im currently sitting on £600 cr on my Anglian water bill which I know is "for future use" as the lady over the phone said.

I previously got this refunded about 5 years ago but not this time around.

I didn't have the words to put it to her but I wish we had more water supplier out there!

Whats the point of me paying on time and by DD if im always in credit. always.

Your thoughts



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    Welcome to the forum.

    Is the £600 credit shown immediately after a bill has been issued? If it is your DD is obviously too high.

    You can of course stop your DD and pay on receipt of a bill every 6 months.
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    Why dont you get your DD adjusted to a more realistic level rather than just overpaying all the time.

    It's not difficult, just ask them to reduce it or do as Cardew suggests and pay on receipt of the bill.
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