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Making cash from online survey sites - new MSE guide

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  • sonicologysonicology Forumite
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    dannylfc_1 wrote: »
    Anyone else having problems with Ipsos I-Say?

    I just logged in a minute ago, didn't have already problems. Have you tried clearing your cache or using a different browser?
  • chelschels Forumite
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    dannylfc_1 wrote: »
    I haven't been able to get on the homepage for a while now. After every survey is 'finished' it also fails to take me back to the homepage then too, so I cant get to my rewards section. Anyone else having trouble? Usually reliable

    I'm finding the site very slow, after I complete a survey the site does eventually load but takes a few minutes which is ridiculous and rather annoying!
    £s GAINED: Cash £168.25 Vouchers £30.00
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  • sonicologysonicology Forumite
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    chels wrote: »
    I'm finding the site very slow, after I complete a survey the site does eventually load but takes a few minutes which is ridiculous and rather annoying!
    I just did a survey there since I was on the page anyway and it did the exact same thing, spent ages with the three bouncing bars before it eventually got back to the home page. I did get credit for the survey though so that's what matters.
  • I am not having any issues with the site. I just completed an offer there without issues. Did you know they are offering a $500 amazon gift card? That is amazing.

    One of the best survey sites on the internet.
  • Planet_SwitzerlandPlanet_Switzerland Forumite
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    Over the last year I cut back on the number of surveys I do. I arrive at work early and do them before work begins and on my lunch break, but only do certain surveys outside of these times. As a result I've made around 30% less which isn't bad considering how much I've cut back.

    Here's the companies I use from best to worst including those I've knocked on the head completely, might be a bit of an essay but hopefully some people will find it useful:

    Populus Live - Despite the high £50 threshold it doesn't take that long to reach it, mainly because their surveys pay at least £1 and can pay as much as £5. Obviously the higher paying ones are longer, but they still seem a lot less tedious than many other sites. I still do these surveys as and when I get an invite.

    Prolific Academic - I feel more inclined to give helpful answers on here, probably because a lot of it is helping students with research projects rather than say whether seeing a brands advert makes you think it's a market leader and all that nonsense. The pay is decent too, the downside is having to sign into the site to find the surveys, e-mail invites are rare.

    Yougov - The first site I joined, it takes a while to get to the £50 threshold but I never get screened out the surveys and they never take anywhere near as long to do as they specify.

    Your Say Pays - It's one you need to visit the site as they hardly ever send e-mail invites. Surveys aren't that frequent but they are nice and short and I qualify for most of them, when I don't it's normally after just one or two questions. Have also done phone surveys and focus groups through them.

    Opinium - Nice short surveys that I rarely get screened out of. The downside is invites aren't very frequent and the surveys get full pretty quickly, if my invite is a day old you can pretty much guarantee it will be full.

    One Poll - I have this open throughout the day at work. Surveys only pay 10-20p but they are quick, some are just one question.

    Opinion Bar - Surveys can be quite lengthy but they do pay £1 and give you 10p if you don't qualify, though I do qualify more often than not.

    Mind Mover - I only do actual Mind Mover surveys which are quite often to do with food. The partner surveys are very tedious, they used to pay well but they don't anymore so I stopped bothering with those. Unfortunately I get invites for partner surveys on an almost daily basis whereas actual Mind Mover surveys are pretty rare.

    New Vista Live - Another site where I've stopped doing partner surveys for the same reason. Actual New Vista Live surveys are similar to Populus Live but tend not to pay as well and are less frequent so it takes ages to reach the £50 threshold.

    Panelbase - Surveys are pretty tedious but the rate of pay is decent for a survey company. I've had warnings for doing them too quickly so only do them when I'm at work.

    Pure Profile - Best thing about this site is the 5p for not qualifying, but it's a slow one and the e-mail I receive from them don't tend to be surveys invites so I just ignore the e-mails and login to the site to find the surveys.

    Mintvine/Branded Surveys - I find most surveys are poorly paid and they've stopped the consolation points for getting screened out, I just do the odd short survey I find plus the daily poll

    Mingle - Don't qualify for most of the surveys and invites aren't all that frequent.

    Crowdology - Small threshold of £4 but still takes ages to get to.

    Global Test Market - This site has seriously gone downhill. It is the site I've earned the most money from but the reduction in reward per survey coupled with the time spent getting screened out of the many survey invites I get is making it less worth it. Quite often these days I open my inbox to find lots of invites from them but just delete them rather than take part as I really lack motivation to do them these days.

    Panel Opinion - The surveys themselves are ok but they are so rare it seems barely worth it. I think I joined 3 or 4 years ago and have made £10 and am half way to my next one.

    Opinion World - They've never been the best paying and are quite unreliable too and the surveys are tedious, but it was always a site you were pretty much guaranteed surveys would be there when you'd login. However in the last few months they've all been prize draw surveys so I've more or less given up on them now.

    The remaining ones are ones I stopped bothering with:

    My Survey - I got banned from there but they wouldn't tell me why, but they were possibly the most tedious surveys of them all.

    IPoll - Surveys were ridiculously lowly paid, the reward would then be pending for ages and then I'd get several rejected, not worth it.

    Opinion Outpost - Like Opinion World but even more poorly paid (prior to Opinion World becoming prize draw surveys)

    We Pay Per Survey - Survey invites more often than not would just take you round the houses and end in nothing.

    Survey Network - They would flood my inbox everyday with a ridiculous number of invites. A couple of months in I realised I'd only actually completed 2 surveys for them so I just cut my losses.

    Toluna - Basically everything that's wrong with a survey site.
  • NethersparkNetherspark Forumite
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    I would stay away from MySurvey. This was the first (and last) survey site I've tried, and it was just horrible. They claim to offer 50-80 points per survey, and 525 points gets you £5 on Paypal or a voucher of your choice, BUT it seems around half of the surveys screen you out right in the middle; you are just abrubtly kicked back to the home page with no explanation. And most of the other half fail to give you any points at all. It took them over 2 months to respond to my ticket of missing points, by which time I had already closed my account.

    On top of this they sell your personal data to junk mail distributers, spammers and cold callers. I even had an alert from Experian that my email address had been put up for sale online within a week of signing up with them.
  • Valued Opinions pay between 0.25p and 0.75p normally - There are odd surveys were they offer more.
  • BigglesBiggles Forumite
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    Nice summary, Switzerland.
  • Brilliant summary Switzerland :)

    To add....

    - I think Mintvine/Branded Surveys may have gone even further downhill. Although they frequently emailed me (anything between 6-8 times per day) I rarely qualified. When I did and fully completed surveys, after eventually being redirected back to Branded Surveys I generally got an error message to tell me that the survey had already closed or there had been an error. I tried contacting their customer services by email, their own forum and Trustpilot. They initially told me to submit requests via a form from my survey audit history, but the ones that I had errors with never logged in the audit history rendering this impossible! After saying as much (politely!), customer services decided to totally ignore me. After repeated emails I decided to sacrifice the 300 odd points I'd managed to accrue and clear and close the account. I can see very similar feedback from several others both on the site itself and Trustpilot, so would approach this one with caution.

    - I was genuinely surprised to see i-Say/Ipsos at the top of the 'official' MSE top 25. Since joining, I've had a survey a day (if that) which have usually already closed by the time I click on them - this can be a matter of minutes sometimes. I've only managed 295 points since joining in early Jan. In the same time I've accrued 650 with YouGov, which the 'official' list seems to indicate contacts members more scarcely?!

    - On a positive note: to add Survey Friends to Switzerland's list. They don't always email you with surveys (I often get 1 email, then login and find 3 surveys waiting!), but the points are generous and I rarely get screened out. If you do get screened out, then you're awarded with a compensatory 100 points. Customer services did take a while to respond to me when I wrote to them (about a week), but when they did, they apologised and gave me a personal and detailed response. Recommend!

    - Also Maximiles - all surveys are offered via email and I generally get through the screening process. An added bonus is that in addition to the standard gift voucher fare, you can opt to select a specific item or experience as a reward - often at a much lower payout threshold - for example, a case of beer (not bad!!)

    My verdict:

    Top for generous rewards: PopulusLive, Prolific Academic
    Top for 'guaranteed' surveys (no screening process): YouGov, Prolific Academic* (screening happens prior to the survey being offered)
    Top for most interesting survey content/format: YouGov, Survey Friends, Prolific Academic
    Top for frequency/availability of surveys: Swagbucks, Prolific Academic. Note that you need to login and check the site though!
  • Consumer Pulse is the best site for me. I have been with them for about 10 years and in that time I have earned enough to buy a fridge freezer, gas oven, 32inch TV, a top quality food mixer, sound system and I also renew my Norton security every year. All this is done with Argos gift cards which is my choice of payment. If you buy clothing, cd's and dvd's, mobile phones and beauty treatments, you get 500 points for every item you register and 500 points per week and 10,000 points is a £10 voucher that can be exchanged for a number of choice rewards. I am not sure if they are accepting at the moment, but you can find help at: [email protected], so if they are accepting good luck.
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