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What is the average electricity units per day?

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    just had my bill from bulb for the period of 6 October to 6 November I have used

    all electric (no gas)

    Day 201 kWh @ 13.28 p/kWh exc (vat)

    Night 876 kWh @ 6.31 p/kWh exc (vat)

    For this period, your average usage was
    35 kWh/day

    3 storage heaters on (winter),

    Pc on most of the day,
    Tv in the evenings,
    usual fridge, freezer,
    washing machine once a day in the mornings,
    kettle./microwave 8 or 10 times a day, (heavy tea drinker lol)
    oven 1 or 2 times a day
    Led Lightbulbs in each room, not on that often and its only 1 or 2 rooms when needed (maybe an hour each day if that
    Water gets heated at 2am and again at 3pm in afternoon, no boost used

    don't think ive missed anything useful out

  • Well this thread proves we are not average

    On GreenEnergy UK tide tariff

    Eco7. 11.99p kwh day and 4.99 kWh Night

    Average 8 KWh on day rate per day and 60 kWh per night

    (We charge 2 electric cars overnight).

    And strangely even with 2x 7.2kw chargers running flat out we can still boil a kettle without the grid collapsing unlike the tabloid press would have you believe
    Over 100k miles of Electric Motoring and rising,
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