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Hi all ,
I realise this may sound odd but is there a company that checks for all ppi that you may have had in your maiden and married name ?


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    There is no company that "checks" anything.

    Some Claim Companies do offer a free PPI "check", but all they really do is post enquiries on your behalf to all the likely financial institutions identified by you. It's nothing you cannot do yourself and they have no special access to your financial records which are not in the public domain.

    If any PPI is acknowledged by a bank they will then exert pressure for you to sign a Letter Of Authority allowing them to represent you in any subsequent complaint.
    They then charge a fee of around a third of any redress you might win (plus VAT)

    You are no more likely to successfully "check" for PPI if you use a company than if you do your own such simple research.

    Certainly, no claim firm will be able to find PPI if you've already tried and failed.

    Unless you have documentation of your own, you appear to be dependent totally on the records kept (or not) by your lenders.
    Why not simply write your own prospective letters? It'll cost you the price of some stamps.
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    No. the only people who know what credit you had is you.

    No claims company will invesitgate because that's not what they do.

    They ask you what companies you hhad credit with, and then they make the same complaint that you would to these companies.
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