Solar PV meter problem, EDF hopeless

Wondering if anyone can help me sort this out, it's been a bit of a long running saga since we had solar PV fitted in April. Sorry for long post... I moved to EDF soon after as my fixed rate dual fuel tariff was coming to an end. (Feed In tariff is with Good Energy). I called EDF soon after I joined as I'd noticed the (old style) meter was running backwards. I've been calling back many, many many times to book an appointment to have a "backstop" meter fitted (i.e. One that won't run backwards). I'm wary of getting a smart meter as I get lots of info on usage etc from my solaredge system, and I think the smart meter might complicate this.

They seem to have so few appointments available to get the meters changed, despite me ringing endless times SINCE APRIL we're looking at November for the next batch of slots. I've already wasted a whole day off work waiting for one meter change (they didn't turn up, despite calling to check). And I'm still being charged on pre-solar estimates of usage as a monthly direct debit.
My question is - should they be charging me based on the pre - solar estimates? Can I just refuse to pay? I've already made a complaint but they appear to be stuck moving on until an appointment comes available. I have detailed records of monthly (and daily) solar production/self consumption/export/import from the grid via my solaredge monitoring but they won't consider this. They just keep saying they can't agree until the the new meter is fitted.

Can I change providers or will I just be left with a big bill for electricity I haven't used?
Any suggestions? Is EDF usually this rubbish at changing meters?


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    Hiya, and welcome. Don't worry too much. Worst case they'll try to work out what your real import was, but that's nearly impossible.

    In some cases, the companies just let it slide and go with meter readings as it's their responsibility to get accurate readings (change the meter).

    Since you've tried several times, and even wasted a day, I suspect (please don't hold me to this) that they'll just go with the meter reading, not worth arguing.

    Obviously you can use your Solaredge import records (if you are happy with those), but I suspect digging your feet in, and complaining about the service, delays etc, and reminding them that you've tried hard to get the matter resolved, will result in a happy ending.

    So worst case, they can't deny your import figure as they have nothing better. Best case, they'll let it slide.

    Hope it goes well.
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    For general PV advice please see the PV FAQ thread on the Green & Ethical Board.
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    I had a backwards running meter for years and was not back-charged anything when the meter was finally changed. This was Scottish Power (whom I will be leaving soon for my supply as they have gone from the cheapest to one of the most expensive when my fix runs out).
    Baxi Ecogen 24/1.0 Micro-CHP boiler installed Oct-2010; 2kWp Solar PV - 10*200W Kioto, SMA Sunny Boy 2000HF, SSE facing, some shading in winter, 37° pitch, installed Jun-2011, inverter replaced Sep-2017.
  • Thanks Kevin, that's really reassuring. Will keep pestering and hopefully they'll sort it eventually
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