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  • Nathan94 wrote: »
    I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole

    Why? Please give more details.
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    Hiya, I switched to them and although the switch was messed up by my current supplier the customer service has been fine, apart from having to often call them!. The automated side is useless, not using the readings, then because it was so far out saying the meter was faulty...the problem now is the meter company are saying I have used three times the amount, I didn't take a reading before it was changed but three days now it's a case 'it is right' 'it isn't right' back and forward...I had hoped to move out the property which has shared bills with other tenants.....I think I will have to prepare for the long haul as it is more than I can afford to pay....
    Cleared my debts trying to colour in the lines money wise now...
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    As I have economy 7 metre I need supplier willing to total up for 'normal' tariff. My query was not understood and the emailed reply stated that yes, they could supply Economy 7. My doubts about switching to them now magnified, I spelt it out in black and white again and I can confirm they are not willing to do this.

    "...we will not be able to add up the Economy 7 rates into one single rate tariff. The only solution that we would be able to do is to replace your meter which there would be a cost attached to for changing the meter from Economy 7 to a single rate meter"

    I think it would be useful if this information be posted on CEC switching - I noticed it on one of the others on my list.
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  • Just switched to Bristol Energy as it was the lowest cost provider that I was prepared to consider with a reasonable feedback.

    I'm glad to report that the switch was faultless and completed in 3 weeks (including the 2 weeks cooling off period). The whole process was completed online/email. I also had to make a telephone call on a matter and the phone was answered promptly.

    Based on my experience, I would recommend switching to this supplier.
  • Another new Bristol Energy gas customer here, completed on the 19th.

    Everything went to plan and on the dates specified by Bristol at the outset. So 21 days to switch which is reasonable.

    All communication has been via emails and all details correct. No need to contact them at all. Opening reading was accepted and verified within 24 hours.

    So now just waiting for the losing gas supplier to produce the final bill and send me the monies owed to me. Let's see how fast they are (Flow).
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    No problems here.

    Switch over all completed online and no need to call. Very good so far.
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    I am now coming to the end of my fixed contract (1 year) with Bristol Energy and can say that they have been faultless, never had a problem with them.
    Saying that I have just changed to another supplier, I only have electricity and found that for me they had better rates.
    But may well change back to Bristol at the end of this new contract!:)
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    It will be interesting to see whether the Council taxpayers of Bristol will be happy to sit back and wait for a return on their £15.3M investment in Bristol Energy. The ‘in profit’ date has already slipped from 2019 to 2021.
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    I have been with Bristol Energy for the past year and they've been brilliant - no issues at all!
    It just came around to renewal and I have decided to stay with them, but did switch to the cheapest recommended contract (via MSE) for the coming year, as the default contract I was switched to wasn't the cheapest available.
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  • Just a quick note on Bristol Energy as I have been with them for nearly a year now and have to say I've had no issues what so ever and my energy bill are the lowest they have ever been. Took a while to switch from BG but that was more to do with BG I think. I don't get no calls from them or letters which is fine by me and I probably spend around 20-25 a month for both my gas and electricity on a meter while living in a 3 bed town house with 2 kids. Beat that British Gas!!!
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