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Thank you MSE. Used the template letter and sent it to Lloyds last Monday (4th Sept). Had phone call from them on Friday 8th to confirm various details. Then heard from them yesterday to say they had agreed my claim and were refunding £1738.80. I thought they may return a couple of hundred so to say I was delighted was an understatement. Using the template and doing it myself means it's all mine! Thank you again.:


  • Woohoo is that ppi or packaged account?
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    Hi, well done, have you got a link to the template letter please?
  • Don't know if anyone can help, or if im even posting in the correct place.

    I have been charged by bank for overdraft charges. Is there a certain time that you have to request the refund? I keep reading posts which are years old. I don't know where to start.

    Thanks in advance
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    I have been charged by bank for overdraft charges. Is there a certain time that you have to request the refund?

    The banks won that court case in 2009. Since then they are not required to refund anything. Although they do consider goodwill payments for those in current financial hardship. Sometimes, they refund if you are a long-standing customer with a good history making a first-time error.

    Basically, apart from that, the bank charges reclaiming ended in 2009.
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  • Thanks for the reply...doesn't sound like its worth the hassle then:)
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