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  • Morning all

    Thanks for the thread nmlc, well done NW, hugs to all those in need.

    It feels a little cooler today which will make it easier to do another boat clean.

    First I need to drop CHS at work, I went in to work myself yesterday but there was nothing much to do so I only stayed an hour.

    My car is sorted, my window wouldn't open but good old George sourced a 2nd hand part and fixed it for me.

    I got all yesterday's jobs done apart from sourcing a part for the boat engine so I get onto that today, I have one final set of curtains to finish today and then I need to make the hatch quilts to keep out the draught.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Hugs Hester
    Chin up, Titus out.
  • Good morning everyone,

    Firstly, congrats nannywindow!!!

    Yesterday I went a big shop and then came home to make home made garam masala curry, very nice. Finished it in time for the GBBO, love it!

    Been to the gym this morning and I'm playing football tonight. Chicken and avocado wraps for dinner. Should squeeze in some time for reading.

    Have a super day one and all :)
  • Morning ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) if you need one.

    Very dank and wet, it was almost like a winters morning when we woke up, very dark and depressing.

    I may have sold my embroidery machine, I offered it to a friend, she is thinking about it, another friend has said they will buy it if its still for sale next week.....phew........Just need to get rid of the bits and bobs from Ebay and the bank will get a very welcome boost.

    I spent an hour yesterday changing our bank account, I decided on Club Lloyds, it pays interest on up to a £5000 balance, not that I am likely to have that amount in the bank, but one can dream.

    Musclefoods order arrived yesterday, all in the freezer, have half a pizza for supper tonight with some salad, although looking at the weather its really hot veg weather.

    OH appears not to have the headache, not holding my breath though, I am tossing up whether to cancel our short break in October......I just cannot hack having him like this whilst we are away, would rather stay at home. It would also mean we could get the shed up a bit quicker...hhmmm. Then at least he would have somewhere to 'play' if the weather is bad, not be under my feet all the time.
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    Morning all

    Congratulations NannyWindow on finally being able to say you own your house. :T. Such a relief financially it will be.

    Well I have had my moment of fame. Me and a few other protesters made the local news last night trying to save a local treasure from being bulldozed. I tried to stay in the background though, hiding behind the little girl with long hair. Didn't hide well enough unfortunately. Grump found it hilarious and Youngest is praying no one recognises me as his Mum. Thank goodness my Suntan Queen is on holiday. She would be mortified.

    Death stares at the ceiling fan today. It needs cleaning and I can't reach it. It doesn't get used and I've nagged Grump into promising to take it down but Lord knows when he will do it cause he needs to get into the loft and deal with the cables.

    Youngest is in college today.. well I thought he was. Why is he still in bed?

    I honestly don't know if I'm coming or going.

    Onwards and forwards

    Have a great day all
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    Morning all from a damp and dreary Wales.
    Thank you all for your congratulations. It is a relief that we are mortgage free as it means that if the inevitable happens and Mr Fix It loses his battle, we know that I still have a roof over my head and no one can take that away too. (We were always worried that I would be unable to make the mortgage payments and lose the house.) On the other hand I may go first, although there is longevity on my side of the family, but you never know what the future holds.
    Anyway on a brighter note I am having a pottering about day as there are only a few bits to iron and the kitchen needs tiding. Dad is coming over this afternoon for Mr Fix It to glue his shaving mirror back together and then he will stay for tea, which will be gammon steaks, chips with peas and sweetcorn. Pudding will be cake and custard if anyone wants it.
    NMLC thanks for starting us off.
    Judi a celebrity in our midst :D
    Csarina can I vote that you get the man cave, sorry shed, sorted. Somewhere to send your OH when you've had enough. :rotfl: Ask me how I know ;)
    Specky I enjoyed the Bake Off too, but watching it always makes me hungry.
    Hester I take my hat off to you for your entrepreneurial enterprises. Well done :T
    LaineyT enjoy your lunch out.
    Tru gentle hugs, hope your hip sorts itself out soon.
    Apologies if I have missed anyone.
    Hugs to all that need or want one, or two, or more and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
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    Good morning everyone, thanks to nmlc for starting the thread and hugs to anyone that needs one.
    Congratulation Nannyw
    The sun is shining :D though it's not terribly warm. The garden pots are all really soggy after all the rain so hopefully they'll dry out a bit today.

    My bumped bits from yesterday have stiffened up so I need to try and move a good bit today so I don't seize up!

    Last night I had tandoori spice marinaded slow roasted lamb breast, my word it was good. There's a portion in the freezer but I left a bit in my bowl so it was curry for breakfast :o :cool:

    The fennel fronds dehydrated beautifully so I just need to snip them and pop in a jar and they should last a good while :)
    I hope everyone has a good day x
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    Judi a celebrity in our midst

    I wouldnt go that far! :D So much of our local heritage has been swallowed up by unknown developers who have let properties rot until they are deemed unsafe and have to be pulled down. Well i say developers i mean developer. Its just one man who has held the area back and he lives 50+ miles away.

    I took the hounds for a walk yesterday through a local park area. Now considering it is so close to my house, i can honestly say ive not visited the area for nearly 50 years. As a child i played closer to home but i remember going there with my Mom, Dad and brother when i was about 8. The area has been wiped clean of the bushes that kept the toddler area and toddler swings apart from the main field and the bandstand.... Sacrilege, the bandstand has gone! How we loved to play on the bandstand. Its just one big field now with a few swings.... So sad to see. The beautiful rhodedendrons have been ripped out of the ground and the magnolia tree has gone.

    Whilst bringing up my family, i forgot all about the area around me. So sad.
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    Just popping in to congratulate Nannywindow. :beer: Mortgage-free is a great feeling, isn't it? ;)

    Not posting much at the moment as I really can't find anything interesting to say.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.;)
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    Caronc Just popping back as I was so excited yesterday that I missed your post. Sincere apologies and Ihope you are recovering after your fall. Try to take it easy for a couple of days and I am sending healing vibes through the ether.
    There seems to be a lot of us falling about lately :rotfl:.
    LW thank you. I'm afraid I could talk a glass eye to sleep and witter on about nothing all day ( as you can see :D ). I hope you are ok.
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
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    Afternoon - sun and showers all day. Right now it's a sunny spell and the twinkling over the sea is lovely.

    My morning meeting was a dull as a dull thing can be! I got myself just out of reach of the webcam and listened with half an ear. Only one person spoke for most of the time.

    I've been to the nurse again about the little blob on my back and she did the freezing thing again which was more than a bit nippy. I'll go once more in another two weeks time. Then I started to fill up my new notebook :j to cheer myself up (not that I am unhappy).

    I've been for a walk in the wood, it's a circular one so very easy as well as beautiful.

    Time for tea.
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