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20 Cogs - get paid when you complete 20 offers

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emmagletemmaglet Forumite
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Does anyone do 20 Cogs? I've just had a look at it, you have to complete 20 offers before you get your money (see below) but the offers seem to be quite high paying.

· 20 Cogs is a really simple way of earning some easy money from the comfort of your home, or on your mobile on the move.
· You will be presented with various offers, from surveys and competitions to free trials and site registrations.
. Every Cog has alternative offers to choose from, complete just one offer from each cog and you'll be able to profit from every single offer you successfully complete.
· When you complete a cog as instructed, the status will change to amber (pending). Please give us some time to update the status, sometimes this can take 24 hours.
· Once in pending, our advertisers will then check if you have completed the offer correctly. When the advertiser has confirmed you have fully completed the offer, it will change from amber (pending) to green (confirmed).
. When all 20 Cogs have turned green a claim button will appear and you will be able to request payment to your BACS or Paypal account and you will have the earnings in your account within a couple of days!
. You can also earn extra money, simply refer your friends and earn 5% of everything they earn forever!

My referral link: (I get 5% of your earnings)
Non-referral link:
I like to make money
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  • fewgroatsfewgroats Forumite
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    I tried it for a bit, got some snack freebies . But I got fed up with being constantly phoned and emailed after giving my details to companies. So I had to give it up before I could claim my money.
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  • FloxxieFloxxie Forumite
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    I've just seen this on workingmums and I am not sure I like the look of it. Do you sign up to various websites and carry out surveys?

    Apart from calls and emails, has anyone had any success with it?
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  • DaltrydDaltryd Forumite
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    I've used it and completed all 20 cogs. I did have to contact them to confirm a few of them so make sure you take screenshots and read the instructions clearly before you crack on. I've just claimed over £300!
    There's a lot of surveys and they request details but you can say "no" to being contacted. Maybe use a specific email for 20 cogs offers to avoid being bombarded with spam.
    Some offers can take around 40 days to be verified by the advertiser but I'd say it's worth the wait!
  • hdyanhdyan Forumite
    74 posts
    I just start using it, is there anyone know if the free trial is necessary to join? As I don't want to subscribe to the trial but I can't find any other task, i am stuck at finishing 6 tasks...

    BTW, here's referral link if anybody want to join:
  • Over Spent at Christmas? O'h Yes haven't we all!!

    A while back I saw some reviews online including on this website, about the 20 Cogs website and decided to investigate and do my due diligence. I have been working online from home for the last few years and am always looking for ways to help my team members earn money, especially the ones who do not feel confident in network marketing.

    So after researching, I set up my FREE account completed all 20 offers with ease and 30 days later I received my £125 payment directly into my PayPal account. For each Cog you need to sign up for a Free trial or enter your details into a free draw.

    If you would like to learn how and see my payment proof then please watch my 15 minute review on YouTube. Just a reminder, this is NOT an online business where you need to recruit people. This is a website where you can quickly and easily earn a one-time payment from £125 upwards. I've tested the website and have received my payment, all of this is shown in my video below.

    You can also earn extra commissions for referring your friends and why wouldn't you, this is easy money! However, you DO NOT need to do this. This is only open to UK residents.

    I earn 5% of my referrals payments and £20 once all 20 cogs are completed. And the beauty of this is that YOU can also earn these extra commissions by getting your friends/family on board. Just 5 people will give you another £100! But that choice is yours.

    To watch my 20-Cogs REVIEW, type the following into YouTube:
    20 Cogs - is it a scam? by Mireille Yagiz

    If you have any questions please just ask!
  • I'm trying. I joined and completed all 20 on Sunday BUT BEWARE
    1) you have to spend money on some offers - eg sign up and spend £10 on multiple betting sites, £1 subscriptions etc.
    2) All 20 cogs must be completed.
    3) Some offers require you to complete a 30 subscription before being valid.
    4) The returns decrease as the offers continue.

    So, even though I have completed all 20 cogs I now have to wait 30 days to see if they will all vaidate and I can get any money, including the money that I put out - over £30.
  • That's the problem. If you want to continue you have to pick from the offers you're given.
  • mrsyardbroommrsyardbroom Forumite
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    I've signed up to this one but now I'm being asked to pay money into betting and bingo sites in order to get past the cog. The amounts to pay are quite small but I haven't found any where I can pay by Paypal. How do people keep their bank details safe if they keep putting payment information into different sites? The bank have warned me about storing details on different sites after my account was hacked and the only one I use with stored details now is Paypal.
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  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Board Guide
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    I'd avoid it if you are unhappy sharing information/bank details
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  • MaxPerwerMaxPerwer Forumite
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    Ooh I'm glad I found this thread! I joined 20cogs about a week ago and have been working my way through the cogs. At first I was trying to avoid any that cost money but I've worked out the rewards are much higher for them. I've even got myself a little spreadsheet that tells me when and where I need to unsubscribe or cancel things which will come in handy. 7 cogs to go!
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