Sky or BT for internet?

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currently with virgin but after a string of issues I can't wait to get shot if them. I'm not worried about tv channels or haivng a landline as never use it so really only need a decent internet provider.
both Sky & Bt have good offers on at the moment so wondered which of the 2 if either is better?
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    Baring in mind that potentially either of those may be slower than VM. What issues are you having?

    I have just VM BB, no phone lines, no tv and have a second hand BT Youview box for £30, suits me brilliantly.
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    Both will come down the same BT Or line .
    BT Home Hub 6 better wifi .
    BT fibre 1 up to 52 meg Sky up to 38 meg .Both a lot slower than VM .
    Sky better at renegotiating at end of contract .

    For both you will pay for a landline / data line to transmit the broadband .
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