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I recently booked swimming lessons, daily for one week, with a local fitness centre. They are part of a chain.

I was told to pay for 5 lessons up front. I did so but after the first lesson I didn't want to continue. My swimming level is very beginner, and the lifeguards kept muttering and pulling faces. The coach was encouraging but i felt that i would have to be a better swimmer to get the most out of the lessons and so asked for a refund on the remaining four.

Queue lots of blank looks and staff saying they would have to refer me upwards and that it was very unlikely.

I'm miffed that they are so unreasonable about refunding me, I got a call from the coach who kept trying to put words in my mouth and get me to say that there was nothing wrong with the lessons. I didn't want to say this since the lifeguards made me feel uncomfortable.

I would settle for membership credit on the last four lessons to do my own swimming at pools nearby who are with the same chain. I didnt sign anything, just agreed times and dates with the coach.

Can anyone advise or tell me my rights?


  • If you agreed times with the coach, he would have blocked out that time for you and would not have been able to get income from other clients during that time (they'll more than likely be self employed). It's unlikely that he could get clients when you did cancel due to the very short notice. In that case it would not be fair for them to refund you, it is you that is in breach of contract.
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