KonMari 2017 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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    Thanks for the new thread and for locking the old ones. I have finished my KM journey probably about 2 years ago and still loving the results of the process. I am now trying to have a capsule wardrobe and have upgraded a few items. I am now very fussy about buying stuff and amaze my friends that I can now going shopping and not buy anything:j
    Did a bit more Km ing this morning. I was cleaning out the fridge. I emptied it, washed it out and dried it. But the huge crisper box had a crack in the side and the water went all over the floor and also into my cupboard under the sink. So a wet mixer a wet toaster a wet slow cooker and a few wet pan lids and baking sheets. All washed clean now and the wooden shelves scrubbed out and drying. Warm up here today so the back door is open to aid drying. Maybe time to upgrade my old mixer which must be about 40 +years old. I never use the toaster as I don't eat bread so it can go too and as for the slow cooker it hasn't been used for a while so all will be off to the small goods recycling at the dump. All suitably labelled that they have been wet.
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    I realised that I continually do KM these days, without thinking about it or making a big deal of it. I am glad that it has become ingrained. It is my sewing room at the moment, sorting, cataloguing fabric stash and patterns and using stash, so that I can input more fabrics, all of which give me joy. I did KM2 on my pattern stash yesterday, KM1 was all about getting rid of those old patterns when women had what appeared to be 18" waists, yesterday I took out another 20+ old fashioned patterns or better still, patterns that were too large. I am liking my sewing room, it is bright, uplifting and nice to be in but like all the rooms, it needed that kickstart to get the energy flowing again
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    Thank you for the new thread.
    I hope everyone is well sorry I've not been in for a while, I've recently reread the book and it has renewed my ambition to Kondo my excess stuff.
    We are kindoing the old boiler this week so are doing some preliminary decluttering in preparation for that. An excess storage plinth has been removed from the lounge, it was a large tv stand with storage under it served its purpose well for several years but now seems to have turned into a storage/clutter magnet.
    Paperwork seems to be the area I've found myself back in, spent yesterday going through old mags and paperwork but want to revisit books as there are lots the CS can have that I know I won't reread.
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    I have been using my available "spoons" for kondoing the garden, it is good to have a little more energy and feels so wonderful to be out there pootling around, deadheading, digging up weeds and either moving things to better locations or plotting the same.

    OH is talking about Kondoing our excess camping stuff, but unless he gets his rear in gear he will be too late again for this holiday season, not sure what he wants to sell and what might go on freegle (sale will be down to him, freegle left to me:(
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    More paperwork got rid of, I think this really is the worst category to have to deal with. So many decisions about whether stuff is important or not.

    Decided to Kondo a bank account I opened for the business as I was told I was going to be charged on my old account. Took about 4 months to open the account by which time the original bank said the charges letter was a mistake and I still have free banking. So much paperwork for the new account, and I'd forgotten the answers to the security questions they took so long to open the account. So I've never put any money into it. Have decided to close the account and get rid of the paperwork which has shifted a lot of clutter off the top of a cabinet.
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    Am re-visiting paperwork - clearing out all the paperwork related to the charity I no longer volunteer for has re-inspired me with 'our' paperwork (and I also think I was 'stuck' with paperwork because of the mountain of charity stuff, which overwhelmed me) It's all in the office (bar the current company folders, which are fully up to date) so I'm working my way around it (the office), tackling paperwork and stationery at the same time. Two filing drawers re-visited last night and some paperwork put in recycling as a result. More will be tackled throughout the week. The main problem in there is all OH's paperwork, though. His is just work-related (and a small box of personal/ sentimental) - 'mine' is all household stuff, all family records, all company stuff, all personal tax stuff for me, OH and DD... yet his is about 6x the volume of mine......
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    Once a year I bring the shredder home from work (only a small one) for it's Christmas holidays - then DH and I spend an afternoon going through and shredding all the paperwork - have done this for about 6 years now. It feels great and even though I'm new to KM my paperwork is already in order.
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    One large and heavy bag of books taken to CS this morning, OH said his arms feel inches longer now :rotfl:

    While he was out I visited the room of doom/dumping ground/3rd bedroom and filled 1 bag with clothes and another with no longer needed evening bags and small "special occasion" bags, some were bought from CS, others gifts, but as we no longer go to do's that require me to dress up (thank goodness) they can go. Going to do another scan of the book cases and hopefully release a load more soon.
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    I've passed my copy of the book onto dd2 who really struggles to let go of things it has been a revelation apparently 5 carfulls of stuff went to the local CS during the week and she looked so much happier at the weekend as she bounded in with a huge amount of megabloks that are to be offered to preschool ad after care clubs this way or to be taken to the CS this way. Books and DVDs were always her biggest problem but she is even passing large amounts of those on that she doesn't know why she kept.
    Seven recycling bags of paper went out over the weekend plus two black bags I'm o ly allowed to put out three a week so can't dispose of nything other thN house waste that way now till after Friday. We also have three large boxes that will be CS bound at the weekend.
    The new boiler and associated stuff will be delivered tomorrow so old boiler will be kondoed by the weekend.
    The summer hols have proved to be a great Kondo restart for me and I'm sure the house will start to look much better for it all soon.
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  • I love The Magic of Tidying! Thanks for this thread.

    I would love to hear any stories about people regretting things they've got rid of - I only have one regret, and that's giving up an acoustic guitar that my dad got me - but admittedly I never used it and it was taking up space!

    Deffo will keep up with it but can anyoen sympathise??
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