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5 OS Pleasures in your Day Today part 2

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    1. Well, what's all this? Hurrchrrs under the shade of a Deal plane tree in CS and gallery-pretending back-ish Street. Deadly lumbering dialogue to go with what seems to be death of Caroline Bone? & gave no such permissions in absentia, but Christine's sounding set for overdue onset dementia.

    2. Meandering, which always pleases &. May hang about a bit in pk's corner :-).

    3. Dover Emmäus. Trouvailles, inc. old YHA triangle, which & will attach as zip pull of Albion wallet, being a longstanding Life Member. Hush, Mlle Meriva, it WILL all fit in. & also donated £ for thermos refill. They were about to partake of scrummy-looking scampi and salad lunch.

    4. More swims. More waves. More sturdy refreshing breezes. More leg-stretch walking.

    5. Simple smell-of-oily-rag contentment and all choices and changes of mind are &'s, freely taken. That's an osp to prize.
    This keeps jumping and clearing, so hope it stays.

    All best wishes on job appn Frith.
    Ditto for OH and your papa on health front, pk.
    Chap is a certain keeper, kk. Let love be in the air. It's better than anything else:-)
    vjm - thankyou for wonderful recounting. Also, well done that son, with splendidly happy birthday to your dd, which I'm sure her aged p's can't quite work out.

    Back later, peut-être....
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    Hi folks, closing this on request as we have a new shiny thread!!!! here :)
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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