Are There Any 2018 Brides Posting On Here?



  • May 2018, in Spain, and we just booked our venue last week! To anyone considering a wedding abroad – I strongly recommend choosing your location first, even just the country (anywhere you have a personal connection to? do you want the ceremony to be legal/religious, because this affects where you can go?), then spend some time on online research, and find a wedding planner on the ground. Our planner is surprisingly affordable, showed us around venues, recommended a caterer and will source florists, DJ, hair and make-up, etc.
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    Recently engaged here (4 weeks ago). Planning a wedding in Sept/Oct next year (might be October as its £700 cheaper!). I find it insane how much it costs. My OH works away a lot so took my mum to view some venues and there is one that I can arrange pretty much everything through (would just need to sort outfits, registrar, flowers, cake and DJ) but the price... thats a lot of money but then its still half the price of some of venues that quickly got taken off the list!
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    Yes! I'm recently engaged (2 weeks!) and planning a wedding for October 2018. Nothing booked yet, still researching options.
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    Thought I'd keep this thread updated:

    I've so far done:

    Booked Venue, Registrar, Live Band, Piper and chosen my dress!

    So far so good!

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    I think I've chosen mine too. Going to try it on again in a couple of weeks.
  • I'm also getting married next year but it will be the 2nd time for both of us so we just want something low key & private. We were thinking off doing it in the Caribbean just the 2 of us. I did the whole white wedding thing last time in 1997 so not bothered about the party aspect. After all it's really about our love for each other.
  • Hiya! We get married September 2018 on a Monday! We've booked the register office in Manchester and are now looking for venues on a tight budget. We live in Cornwall so viewing is really hard!! We are from Manchester and both families still live there, hence a Manchester wedding. We've got 75 day time guests and about 150 evening guests and already have our DJ and band as they're family and will fit in wherever lol. Anybody any ideas?? Cheap but nice venues?!! Cheers!
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    We're getting married at the end of March.

    Booked; venue (inc food & DJ), registrar, photographer, bought bride and bridesmaid dresses, hair appointment, cake and I'm slowly but surely filling the flat with decorations.

    Next on the list are the save the dates/invites. We have a design, just need to find somewhere to have it printed.
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    We're getting married in September 2018 in North Wales (but from Yorkshire).

    Venue, registrar and photographer booked and that's it so far. Terrifying reading what all you have got booked already!

    Seriously struggling to find affordable caterers in North Wales, so if anyone has any tips...

    Also, haven't even thought about dresses/flowers etc yet! I am a Designer by trade so have made a start on my Save The Dates and Invites this week!
  • Getting married next year. We were going to do it in Jamaica while on our honeymoon but due to family being upset we're going to do it here then go to Jamaica for the honeymoon.

    I really liked the idea of not having to worry about anyone else being there as we wanted it to just be the 2 of us.

    I feel a lot more nervous about the whole thing now.
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