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Precise Mortgages - how long from application to offer?

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  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 posts
    Gosh that doesn't seem right at stressful. You poor thing. Hope you get it sorted x
  • @futureisbright I am still waiting for my offer to come out. They promised by friday but again been told today by the end of the day. Its been 7 working days since the survey.... The whole process has taken over 10 weeks now... You must be at your wits end.. I know I am already...
  • @faithshalo ours has been going on since March...I've been through all of the emotions going. Right now, nothing surprises me. When you think things can't get any worse, oh yeah they can.

    We're currently living out of suitcase with our lives in storage because we had to continue with our sale as we don't want to run the risk of losing it.

    The sleepless nights are endless.

    I just hope everyone else's goes smoother than ours.

    The annoyance is that the CCJ which is forcing us into Precises hands falls off my file tomorrow but to then go through another lender will lead to more delays as my husband will need to get his SA302's for this year which means more delays waiting for his accountant.
  • GibbslGibbsl Forumite
    15 posts
    I have just found out the survey is being carried out tomorrow, just waiting to hear now if another bank of questions are coming my way, hopefully you will get your offers this week guys. x
  • Well, aftwr waiting 7 days being told everyday the offer would be sorted by the close of business that day I have had to call Precise to be told our mortgage has been declined due to something that we told them about on our application. They signed evrything off and said they just needed the valuation figure.... its taken them 10 weeks to do this and cost us £445 for the privalge. We have done our searches and handed in our notice... We now have nowhere to live after 31st July... What a bunch of t**ts 😭😭😭
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 posts
    Oh my word - I'm so sorry. That is awful. Did they tell you exactly what was the problem?

    Can you try a different lender? I can't believe you have waited 10 weeks to be told no.....
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 posts
    Did you not even get the results of the survey either? Not that it makes a difference now anyway if they are saying it's something on the application. What the heck would it take that long to tell you.....
  • I had a debt management plan which I closed and then made partial settlements to clear all the debts. They knew this when we applied hence going to them in the first place. They say that because I closed the plan and didn't complete it that is the reason. They knew this 10 weeks ago... I am devastated and now they have let my house as we were told to give notice as the offer was due. Homeless and no mortgage and over £1000 out of pocket in fees and the like.... We were putting in 25% and they still said no... :(
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 posts
    Gosh I bet you are.... that seems like something that should of been identified weeks ago like you say. Do you have a broker? What did they say? I would be having firm words.

    Surely there are more mortgage options? More fees though etc etc 😢
  • The mortgage broker is fuming and currently she is trying to fight the case... I don't see much point though and they won't change a decline so it's the end of the road. They have just wasted 10 weeks of all of our time, not to mention our vendors time. We just need to find somewhere to live, that's my main concern right now. My daughter needs a roof over her head! :(
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