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Precise Mortgages - how long from application to offer?

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  • FaithshaloFaithshalo Forumite
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    We have been asked for all sorts.. I didn't include tax credits as I had stopped receiving them but they needed proof that I didn't owe them anything and that the claim was stopped as they were showing on my bank statements. We were asked for P60's and a letter from my employer. We were asked for council tax letters and the like...

    We should have our offer today or tomorrow... Phew! It will be worth it in the end....
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 Posts
    Thank for that. Bet your so relieved!
    Why did they ask for council Tax letter?? Do you mean a statement or an an actually letter from them?? What a pain...
  • I'm not sure why they needed the letter about the council tax to be honest... I just sent them a copy of the schedule of payments... I assume its just proof that you live at the address... Also, on a previous address the name of the house was different on different letters.. (We live in Wales so welsh and english and no house numbers).
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 Posts
    Thanks for that!

    How many months bank statements did you have to provide ? And did they ask questions about transactions on your statements?
  • I gave 3 months in total... They asked about a regular payment which was child maintenance that I hadn't included in affordability. They asked about my student loans and proof of it and also about a couple of deposits in my partners account from his parents but not much else..
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 Posts
    Thanks so much for the info! I have £165 credit union that comes out of my wages and mortgage broker hasn't included this in my affordability so I'm wondering what will happen.

    Did they use include the maintenance in your affordability in the end??
  • I'm not sure what they will do about the credit union payment... I'm pretty sure they didn't use the maintenance in affordability as it isn't always regular. It gets paid as and when he feels like it so I didn't want to include it..
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 Posts
    Thanks. I can stop if needed.

    They have send direct debit letter today and asked for my marriage certificate and confirmation of my husbands work address.

    I'm assuming it's going to be next week before we hear from them again....

    Good luck with your offer. Let us know x
  • GibbslGibbsl Forumite
    15 Posts
    lsutton - They certainly do ask for the world and its wife, what relevance is a marriage certificate to a mortgage application? well at least you were bang on four days you would think they would review the whole case and ask for all info at once. Fingers crossed you dont have to submit any more after this xx
  • lsuttonlsutton Forumite
    47 Posts
    Gosh I know - not good for anxiety !

    Have you heard anything Gibbs? X
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