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Kensington Mortgage application timescale

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  • alfedalfed Forumite
    11 posts
    So I have my valuation this Thursday so hoping if that goes ok and they don't ask for anything else and then its fingers crossed
  • Lady712Lady712 Forumite
    9 posts
    Good luck, hope all goes well. Still waiting on them to look at my paperwork. Was told that they were looking at it on Friday and yesterday. Hopefully all is well.
  • Gigi1214Gigi1214 Forumite
    2 posts
    It's now 6 working days and still no response from Kensington. After providing one piece of evidence, six days seems ridiculous to assess and review. Is it common/usual for them to exceed their stated SLA and if they do what should I do. Please advise! Thanks
  • Lady712Lady712 Forumite
    9 posts
    It's been 2 weeks since I sent in my application and Kensington have just come back today for me to send further information on 10 points. Even though they have already received 5 of said items with application and they have the audacity to say that they want it by 11th July when my DIP runs out.

    Does anyone know what happens if the DIP runs out and it's not my fault as I have answered all 10 questions and resubmitted everything but they take to long to process it at their end.

    What happens if the DIP running out is not my fault but their fault. :mad:
  • So we submitted the full application on 25 May.
    They asked for another employment reference (I'd provided two, the third said the same thing)
    Confirmed last Friday (16 June) that it was agreed subject to valuation
    Last night got a request for bank statements of savings account because it appears on our bank account with money going in an out
    Valuation took place today.
    Really hoping we'll have an offer early next week. We were meant to exchange by the 25th! But still waiting on local searches and enquiries, so hoping it will be by the end of next week.

    It has felt like hard work at times. I just want to know that all is ok.
  • alfedalfed Forumite
    11 posts
    Hope it all goes well for everyone.
    We had our valuation today so I'll keep you posted as to what happens.
    Good luck all;)
  • AjhoyleAjhoyle Forumite
    8 posts
    Hi all.
    Hope all is progressing well :)
    we also had our valuation on the 22nd, waiting on Mortgage offer now. Hoping to receive in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed!!

    Sending kensington speedy dust to us all..... (yeah right)
  • Hey, has anyone recieved a call from kensington asking you to confirm name, address etc?

    Application submitted the 14th june
    Valuation instructed friday the 23rd june

    Thanks and good luck
  • Hi - has anyone who had a valuation last week heard anything yet? Ours was 21st. They carried out a senior audit on Friday and wanted savings account statements - but mortgage broker today said all is agreed subject to the valuation.

    Was hoping to hear quite quickly - but nothing yet!
  • AjhoyleAjhoyle Forumite
    8 posts
    Hi we've heard nothing yet eithet. Hoping for tomorrow as we are due to exchange next week as our solicitor is away then for two weeks. I have been told that they're working on a 7 day SLA now so could be end of the week.

    We had a call to confirm details. you've got your valuation quick, hope all goes well
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