Loverboy proposed to me last night



  • I would ask him about it. Might be real, might have been drunk, might have been a friend playing a joke but he may assume by not answering you don't want marriage. You may be able to get him to do a proper proposal later. Not heard of proposals by text.
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    Oh god Yvonne, I hate to say this has got disaster written all over it. it sounds like one of his mates has had a joke or something?

    no one proposes via text
    The opposite of what you also true
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    takman wrote: »
    So this is the guy who you are considering making a huge commitment to and getting married yet you can't even ask him about a text he sent you?

    This is clearly bothering you and if you can't even talk to him about it then marriage is definetly not a good idea!.

    I agree with this, if you can't ask him about it, then there's already poor communication between you, doesn't look good.
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    text him some night after a day out, drinking-wine-smiley-emoticon.gif, tell him you are pregnant


    see how he reacts, will he propose then?
    Y'all take care now.

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