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Microsoft Office 2010 Discount for UK Armed Forces

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in UK Armed Forces MoneySaving
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  • 50Twuncle50Twuncle Forumite
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    Do you not mean Pro Plus 2016 rather than 2010 ?
    Things will get better
  • unforeseenunforeseen Forumite
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    50Twuncle wrote: »
    Do you not mean Pro Plus 2016 rather than 2010 ?

    No. Poster is wanting to install the Office 2010 that he obtained a few years ago to a new PC.
  • I saw this plugged on the 'My Navy The Offer' page so I thought I'd look at trying to get take advantage of this offer.

    Must say I'm really disappointed in that you enter your defence gateway email address as the username but the product key gets sent to your mod address?!?! Whose stupid idea was that? :mad:

    For those of us who aren't assigned to a billet with a specific DII role it seems you have no chance of taking them up on this because your mod account gets deactivated as soon so you leave a job. Great time to be on a 12 month + career course and not a cat in hells chance of getting my account back up and running!

    Not sure if this a tri-service issue or not, naturally I assume it's just the Navy trying to save money as per.

    Presumably the code that gets sent is just a generic code? If so, anyone fancy doing it for me? :D
  • unforeseenunforeseen Forumite
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    You should still have your personal .mod.uk address but the role address obviously stays with the new incumbent of the role.

    If you can still log on to DII then, apart from some rare circumstances, you will also have an email address tied in with your login totally independent of any role(s) that you have.
  • Your absolutely right unforeseen I should have access but I don't. My account is now disabled and moribund.

    Went to the iHub on base the other day and they said I have to chase up the admin guys in my previous job to get my account re-enabled and moved to the site I'm in now. Bit of a joke if you ask me and it's the typical can't do attitude that !!!!es me right off!

    Even more frustrating is that I have done AD & LSO recently and know for a fact how relatively simple my problem is.
  • tocsintocsin Forumite
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    Just a heads-up that the HUP is suffering from a 'glitch' :(

    The order page is showing the programme is invalid. MoD are 'currently investigating this issue and will provide a resolution in due course' (from Defence Connect).

    (One problem with 2016 is that the product key is stored on your order page, so can be zapped at any point, even after you have purchased it)
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