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What's the strangest "substitute" item you've been offered on your home delivery?

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  • fatbeetlefatbeetle Forumite
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    oliveoyl wrote: »
    Many years ago I worked in an office which had a young lad that used to make the tea/run errands etc. One of his daily tasks was to go to the sandwich shop for everybody's lunch. He wasn't very bright so we all wrote down our food order for him just to hand over the counter. One time when he came back he plonked a cup of hot chicken soup in front of me... I hadn't ordered soup so checked with everyone else that it wasn't theirs before asking him... I'd ordered a jam doughnut but they'd ran out, so he got me chicken soup instead :rotfl:

    Reading this thread for giggles when I came on this story. When I was an apprentice we had another lad there who was equally "capable".

    One of the workers Dai, told him; "I'll have 20 Embassy, if they don't have Embassy get me anything."

    They didn't have Embassy.

    He got a meat pie.

    The apprentice got a slapping.
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  • astrid35astrid35 Forumite
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    I ordered gammon and got salmon. It must have been rhyming replacements day!
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  • Lol came across this thread and it really made me laugh I've had a few strange subs.. but the one that sticks in my mind is a sweet pastry case I had ordered from tesco they did not have these available so they substituted it with a tin of peaches? Lol all I could think was they both start with P
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  • HuskydaysHuskydays Forumite
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    alanq wrote: »
    A Which? magazine report on the subject.
    Tbf, I can see the logic in #3 :rotfl:

    My worst was 25l bin bags in replacement of nappy bags (which I use for the dog), although it would have made the dog walks much more interesting, I decided to reject that one! I haven't used home delivery in a while though since they started sending me short dated produce. How on earth they thought I would get through two chickens and a kilo of carrots with one day on the use by/best before date is beyond me!
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