Help to buy Isa and cash Isa from previous tax years

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I opened a help to buy Isa last tax year 2016/2017. I also have a cash Isa from a previous tax year. I want to continue putting £200 a month in my help to buy Isa this tax year. Can I put additional funds in my cash Isa not exceeding the limit of course. These two Isas are with different providers and are not wrapped. Also I have not opened a new cash Isa this tax year 2017/18. Thanks


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    Help To Buy is classed as a Cash ISA so if you put £200 monthly into it you can't contribute to another Cash ISA in the same year but you can into any of the other types.

    That being said there are a few split ISA providers around that will do what you want but the rates on these tend to be lower than a straight H2B ISA.

    With regards to the previous year's cash ISA(s), you can transfer them around until the cows come home. What do you mean by "they're not wrapped"?
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    Neil_Jones wrote: »
    What do you mean by "they're not wrapped"?
    I think he means they are not in what you've referred to as a split ISA (officially referred to as a Portfolio ISA).
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