BA Flight delayed 6 hours then cancelled. Initial advice please.

Hi all

I have looked on this board and I have noticed the thread referring to flight delays & cancellations BA ONLY. However, it is necessary to subscribe to that thread and at this time I am just after some basic starting advice (before I write to BA). I would be grateful if you guys can give me some advice with regard to our experiences:

I will try to be as concise as I can:

We are a family of 4:

We had a flight booked from Heathrow to Madrid (Booked it with BA but flight was operated by Iberia) and then the plan was that when that landed in Madrid we had a 2 hour lay over there in Madrid before we took the next flight from Madrid to Miami (again, booked with BA but operated by Iberia). Subsequently, flight 1 (Heathrow to Madrid) was delayed by 6 hours and then cancelled. That meant we missed the connecting flight (flight 2) from Madrid to Miami. BA Agreed to give us another flight (7 hours later after the cancellation) from Heathrow to New York. Then the day after from New York to Miami. This is what we did.

So, initially, given the that the rules on flight delays/cancellations change frequently, what are my rights as I stand now? This is before I write to BA.

Thanks all


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    Don't write to BA, it wasn't a a BA flight, they weren't the operating air carrier, Iberia was.

    Please read Vauban's guide.

    Iberia are very difficult to deal with, have a browse of bottonline's website.
    Posts are not advice and must not be relied upon.
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