Sex Lines to boost income - Is there a genuine way??

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Hi all, you have helped me so much in the past that I wanted to ask opinions on working on sex lines. I have heard from some people that they are all dodgy. However I have exhausted all other options of getting in some extra cash including matched betting and reclaiming PPI but I wanted to know if there is a genuine way of earning through it. I know some charge a lot to register but I am absolutely poor and need money asap. It may not be a great way of earning extra cash but I am completely willing to try. I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks. Julie. xx

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  • Hey Julie, I can understand that you are tight for money buy why did sex hotlines come to mind? I mean, sure I don't see why it wouldn't work, you'd have to check out various websites and see how you sign up. Personally I'd look at other ways of generating some income. How much do you need and how much time do you have??

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    Tomjones wrote: »
    why did sex hotlines come to mind?

    Probably because of the tempting amount of money on offer? High equivalent hourly rate.

    I would advise strongly considering how the moral/ ethical and emotional side is going to affect you. Particularly if you have a partner and/or children. Or even, how it might affect any potential relationships such as these in the future.
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  • Agree with Wizzbang, If you honestly feel it's something you could do and it's not going to affect you in a way that might cause problems then give it a try. I'd imagine it's a job you'd have to become quite mentally detached if that makes sense. Please don't do it because you think you have no other choice and you need the money. Only do it if it's something you'd feel comfortable with and would like to do. Otherwise we can suggest maybe some other methods to try....
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    I agree with Tom and Wizzbang.
    If you're comfortable with it then fine, but, especially if you feel you've no other choice, it makes me wonder how organised you are with your finances generally.

    You said thanks for the previous help, so I had a look at the 4 other threads you've posted in. There was no mention of sitting down and working them out, so I wonder whether you've done that.
    Have you seen this Money Makeover page and spent ages doing it?
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    Hi everyone and thanks for your posts. I've just been looking at options and I'm exploring all of them. I don't worry about the emotional aspect as being very low on cash out-ways any discomfort I would feel doing the chat lines. I remember reading on here a few years ago I think about some fairly well run genuine-ish companies offering decent wages for this kind of work. I know some places request money up front so wanted to know if anyone knew of any straight forward companies. If you can suggest anything else then I am all ears. I work full time and weekends are taken up with looking after a disabled parent. Evenings are my only option and as I had heard that this is usually very flexible work I wanted to look into it. Again, thanks for all your comments as they do help me consider my options. Julie.
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    Well, I hope you look into the Money Makeover, but here's another link, for a topic about sex lines:

    The first page (of 4) doesn't really say much, so I've linked to page 2, and there's some interesting stuff from there to the end.
    Not that I'm now thinking of doing it myself of course :p
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    Just a simple acting job, no?
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    Since you're asking for company recommendations, I'm going to assume you've considered how this would impact on your life - if you'll need to hide it from people etc. and how you'll feel about that.

    I've known a few women get into this and all have earned a great wage for a short period of time, but all got bored of it eventually. PLEASE stay well clear of any company who asks you to pay a penny upfront. They're clearly a scam. Why not work for yourself? Adult Work dot com is a site for independent workers in this field and you can select the 'telephone-services only' option. I'm not advocating any of the other services they facilitate on there, but it is a genuine site that allows you to transfer earnings into your bank directly. They do pay when you ask and the amount you earn depends on the profile you set up for yourself, feedback you get and how often you mark yourself as 'available'.

    Good luck in your new venture.
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    Back in the day I worked on an 'adult chat line' and let me be totally clear and honest.
    - The whole 'earn £10 and hour' thing is nearly impossible as you are paid by the minute only (very very rarely did I have a call that lasted longer than 20 minutes most lasted between 3 and 5 at most)
    - There is a lot of waiting in between calls as you need to be picked by the callers.
    - Most of these companys will employ you but on a self employed basis therefore your responsible for your tax and NI.

    If you still want to give it a bash then I would give it a go :)
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    Megano wrote: »

    If you still want to give it a bash then I would give it a go :)

    Might not just be the OP giving it a bash...
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