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NHS worker since 1999? Are you due £1,000s of tax back

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    elaine_88 wrote: »
    HANG ON!! It's money I have already paid to HMRC and I want it back. Ok we all pay into the NHS thriugh our NI but surely the whole point of doing these teaining courses is to improve our knowledge thereby improving the service and treatment you receive through the NHS. That is all paid for with your NI. We have to have some incentive to doing these courses.

    You are misinformed. The NHS is largely funded from general taxation.
  • Hi,
    Just found this thread having had a letter from HMRC about a refund of NI. whilst this seems relatively benign, and i will look at the state pension implications, I am concerned at the tax side, on which we have not yet heard. Whilst i was training, I did claim working tax credits and child credits, so would presume this would need to be repaid, as, if what we have read is right, technically, we were not working, even though I was working for the trust part time (12 hours a week) alongside studying.
    Curious to find out peoples experiences on the tax side of things.

    As a side note, this came out the of blue in a letter from HMRC - nothing from my trust (whom I no longer work for anyway)
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  • Afternoon,

    I was just wondering if there have been any successful Open University students who have obtained a refund?
    If so did you contact your payroll department for claiming of via HMRC directly.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Loulou70Loulou70 Forumite
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    I have now received tax and insurance back £6000 from scphn course 2010-2011 I did my own claim as trust no longer exists I applied in December 2016. I was salaried around £26.000 during the course- so well over the £15000 cut off.
  • HMRC has halted tax payouts to clinical psychologists after deciding they AREN'T covered by special reclaim rules...
    Read the full story:
    'U-turn on training tax refunds for NHS psychologists'
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    In my dealings with HMRC they've always been quite awkward and taken longer than I'd like, but the final decision has either been one I wanted, or failing that one that made sense. Surely that is their primary responsibility? Pay out when the claimant is entitled to be paid, by all means, and seek to streamline the process wherever possible. But for goodness' sake be sure that you're satisified that the decision is correct!
  • Hi
    I found out about the widening access refund from a co worker, who had received an automatic refund in their pay.
    I submitted my claim Dec 2016 and my employer still has it.
    HMRC have advised me to contact my employer to find out why the form has not been submitted.
    I have emailed my employer faithfully but appear to be getting nowhere, hence my post on this site.
    The given reasons for not submitting my form are:
    Staff sickness caused the delay
    They send them to HMRC in bulk
    They are chasing other staff to complete their forms before submitting (this last reply has irritated me, as they never once contacted me to claim a refund so why are they chasing other staff members?)
    Is this correct or do you think I am being treated unfair? and is there anything else can I do to speed up the process?
    I did talk to a tax rebate company but they will take 20% plus VAT from any refund.
    any help on this matter would be most appreciated.
  • hi, myself and a few colleagues put claims in via our NHS trust end of last year. we were similar to many on here. did year specialist community practice HV/DN degree courses as part of WAT.

    we worked full time, over the15k but several of us have heard we have been declined. some all of it, some just NI for now but waiting to hear about the tax.

    I just wonder how/why we are hearing different when we have colleagues in same trust who did exactly the same course on same wage etc who have received 4-6K+ back for national insurance and tax refunds?!

    anyone any idea on best next steps also??
  • Best thing to do is put in a complaint under the guise of the scheme not being equitable.
  • Hi. I'm an IAPT trainee CBT hi intensity therapist, on a 12 month contract under NHS. I am therefore not a trainee clinical psychologist, that part of this scheme has been suspended. Are there any fellow IAPT trainees out there that have claimed. My trust have suspended ALL claims regardless and so I cannot get this actioned. Not sure the trust has the actual power to do this as it's the HMRC that sanctions claims. Am pretty disgusted with the trust inaction by HR to be honest....many excuses later. Most of my cohort colleagues are getting the tax adjustment monthly in-year. Even getting the trust to action it as a claim would be something. They've actioned past trainees refunds up to Jan 2017 with exactly same terms and conditions as mine.
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