Consultant Builder - is that a thing?

I don't know if what I am about to ask is common or even a thing that happens, but I'll give it a go here - feel free to steer me in the correct direction!

I am reasonably competent on the small DIY jobs that I come across, and can usually google anything I don't know for certain. However, I'd like to learn more whilst also doing a bigger project in my spare time.

I have a detached, single-skin, single-storey garage which I think could be ripe for converting or just doing something with. I know that this is outside of my current skill set, but think that with some guidance I could make a reasonable crack at it, or at least take some of the legwork out of the process (and budget); I could also then do it at my own pace.

I guess what I would like is a kind of consultant builder -someone who I could spend a couple of hours with at regular intervals (for a mutually agreeable rate, of course), who I would be able to run through the status and next steps with, and essentially get support from.

Is this a thing; does this happen? If so, where would I find one and how can I work out what a reasonable rate would be?

Any experience, both from a client or a trade perspective would be valuable!

Thanks in advance.


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    A Clerk of Works would be an ideal route. There are not loads around, but many are mature folks so you may get a retired or semi retired one. I rate your chances of getting an experienced builder as close to zero.

    Of course I have not seen your garage, but it is likely to need demolishing and staring again with proper foundations, slab and cavity construction. That would be a typical scenario and means much more work and expertise than you may have thought necessary.
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