O/S Daily Tuesday 28 February 2017

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    Morning everyone,

    Bright and sunny but bbrr cold here, heating kicked in first thing and even though only set for an hour at least meant the bathroom was warm!
    Bit late this morning, I stupidly had a coffee after my meal last night so struggled to get to sleep despite reading until gone midnight. Had a lovely time with my DB though, we had a good long chat about things and managed a fair few laughs as well.

    Not sure what today will bring, there are a few chores to do but am hoping for a nice long walk as well, as long as I stick to the fields should be ok with Tilly.

    Hope the poorlies feel better soon, take care anyone who has snow, it seems that winter isn't quite ready to relinquish its hold yet x
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    Morning chums,

    Sorry it's been a while. You know how life can just get ahead of you.

    Fairly relaxed one last night but I cooked a whole chicken to have half today for lunch so I was up till 11pm making sure it was cooked! Didn't realise how long they take.

    No plans tonight. Hoping to have a semi-relaxed/semi-productive evening. I'll get the thinking cap on to make the most of it. Need to look on Rightmove for a few properties to view too - exciting.

    Hope everyone is well. Have a lovely day :)
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    Morning all :D

    Another disturbed night for me. For some reason there is a mountain of washing up waiting to be done and the bathroom could do with a clean but other than that no household chores to be done.

    No work for me today so a lazy day is on the cards :)

    Q: the D d on my keyboard seems to have something stuck under it and only works if I really bang it! The letters aren't removable so any idea how I clean under it..it's driving me maddddddddd :mad:

    TIA :)

    Have a goo ay all :rotfl:
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  • Morning Chums
    Had a good day yesterday had a nice relaxing time having my hair done and a nice coffee to enjoy while it was being done all for the princely sum of £10
    We have no snow here or rain the sun is shinning at the moment DH is off to Italy tomorrow till the end of the week so bed and tv controls to myself
    Dinner tonight fresh pasta n sauce
    Have a great day whatever you are up to x
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    Afternoon all
    Didn't manage to post this morning despite being up just after 5.

    The boat survey went ok, a few minor issues but nothing serious, next step is sacrificial anodes fitted and getting her blacked.

    My fence is being repaired today, unless the knickerless neighbour has scared the fence men away!

    Dance class at 4 so I need to collect the dgd's from school, get them into their dance clothes and sit and wait for them to finish, then deliver them home.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Hugs Hester
    Chin up, Titus out.
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    Afternoon everyone.
    My it's so cold here, I can't seem to get warm even sitting in front of the fire with a jumper, cardigan and a fleece blanket doesn't seem to working. This morning we had ice on the car but it was dry so popped to Morries for the usual milk,fruit etc. After lunch the weather turned to sleet, snow, rain, hail, wind and sunshine. The only thing missing was thunder and lightening!
    Tea yesterday didn't happen as the "steak" turned out to be gammon, so had that with oven chips. Will try for the noodles today!
    Not much doing today. Still trying to find a holiday, trouble is too much choice around:rotfl:and can't make a decision.
    Have a good day all
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  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Q: the D d on my keyboard seems to have something stuck under it and only works if I really bang it! The letters aren't removable so any idea how I clean under it..it's driving me maddddddddd

    You could try turning it upside down and give it a good shake from side to side. I do mine occasionally.

    Only did it a few weeks ago and ive just done it again. Its amazing what grot congregates.

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    Afternoon all, I am tired today and have finished early. Actually I suspect I'm more fed up than tired really. Occasionally I think mean thoughts like I might be your supervisor but that doesn't mean I'll do your job for you. Rant over, was v small rant.

    Tonight I am making pancakes which I dislike so that works well, I just stand at the stove and churn them out, nobody has to wait while I eat one. But that's for pudding, we are actually having sausages with potato pancakes first and I do like those.

    Roll on Thursday, I have had enough this week and don't like feeling like this.

    In other news my DM has given us her rather posh bread maker but rather than making bread as an accompaniment to a meal, DS appears to have embraced it as a potential calling and has been buying esoteric things at the sm, he was very exercised that he couldn't get polenta until I explained that the cornmeal he'd bought was polenta and then he looked at the packet.

    Hester I have looked up sacrificial anodes, what a lovely turn of phrase.
    I need more tea.
    I was jumping to conclusions and one of them jumped back
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    I'm not really sure where today has disappeared to, but have got a few things crossed off my list. I am trying to get a better handle on GF baking. I have a minute appetite and need more nutrients and calories, but sometimes even when I feel hungry I cannot find much to eat that appeals to me:( there is a limit to how much cheese, cold cuts, GF crackers that I can or should eat for lunches/snacks and I find the bought bread pretty awful, as a household we always have bought "real bread" from a proper family bakery, so the processed GF probably tastes worse to me than to many:(

    Anyways, a batch of blueberry muffins and a sliced up fruit cake now in the freezer and a loaf made in the Panasonic which should be cool enough to slice and taste soon, I already have a brill recipe for cheese scones and some biscuits which are lovely, so I am a happy, if somewhat tired bunny now. GF pancake mix made, a first timer, so fingers are crossed as I do love pancakes with lemon and sugar (don't like cooking them though:()

    Lots of lovely sun today, but cold, and a few sharp showers.
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    Afternoon everyone, thanks to nmlc for starting the thread and hugs to anyone who needs or wants one

    Son returned safe but exhausted from his Prague adventures and slept for 14 hours..... He's now back off to Newcastle and back to work tomorrow.

    I've been a snoozy, slug today but need to find my guag and put my on-line delivery away and do my monthly finances.

    Not sure what to have for dinner - freezer rake I suspect.

    Karcher if turning it upside down and giving it a good shake doesn't help it could be worth getting a can of the spray air, alternatively a drinking straw lightly wedged under the offending key and a good blow might do the trick

    Hope everyone has a good evening x
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