Tonic for Jasmine

Last year I planted a fragrant evergreen jasmine but although it has not died, it isn't exactly thriving either.
What would be a good 'tonic' for the soil to give it a boost? something like sequestered iron?


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    Not sure which one you have but am presuming it's Jasminum offinale

    If that's the case then it needs full sun, well drained soil. If it's getting that then it may still be getting its roots down, but you could give it a hand by giving it some blood, fish and bone (organic) or growmore as a general feed in the spring(not now it's to early).
    Then tomato food later if it starts showing signs of flowering.

    Sequestered iron is for ericaceous plants (Jasmin is not:)) i.e lime (soil type) hating plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias etc as it helps them get the iron locked in the soil.
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    Thanks Westiea.
    It is not Officinale, it is Trachelospermum Jasminoides....if that makes any difference!
    I didn't think it was ericaceous, but dimly remembered using iron to pepp up a Choisya who's leaves were not very well coloured.
    I will go with your suggestion of a general purpose feed and hope it helps it produce the promised highly fragrant blooms.
    Edit to of the nurseries recommends Tomorite or another potash rich feed.
    Heavenly scent here I come!
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    Trachelospermum jasminoides is a Trachelospermum, not a jasmine! I've grown it, and its variegated form, and they are fine and vigorous climbers.... BUT mine didn't roar off in the first year either. It's quite common for shrubs and climbers to grow far more in the second year than the first, but it seemed more extreme (particularly the variegated one, which took about three years to rocket off).

    It needs quite rich soil, unlike the true jasmines that are happy enough growing on trash, and I suspect a good top dressing of any cheap fertiliser will help, but don't go too excessive! If you can first give it a good mulch of rotted compost, or well-rotted horse manure, that's be better still.

    But, it is vigorous, pretty hardy, and may just be getting settled in.
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    Thanks Daftyduck!
    I long for the heady scent which has been promised. My other climbing jasmines don't seem to deliver much more than tall straggly growth so I have my hope pinned on this Trachelospermum.
    I think I will pick up some nicely rotted horse manure for this plant and my Clematis plants.
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