Artificial Grass - recommendations, tips and advice please


We want to kit out our small 4x5m courtyard with artificial grass.

3 problems/questions;

1. Price seems to vary drastically - we want something that will last and is soft underfoot but everything on ebay/websites seems to promise the same thing!

2. Cleaning - there are sometimes pidgeons around the area - how do you clean artificial grass and does it "hold on" to things that might not be baby safe?

3. Fitting - I've found that fitting myself will be cost effective but how risky/difficult is this? don't want to spend my hard earned and then make a mess of it all

Any tips, tricks or know-how would be much appreciated :beer::T



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    Cleaning should generally be easy, you just wash it without using harsh detergents. It's a plastic so it should be generally easy to clean and such. Some brands also offer some kind of anti-germ thing? I can't remmeber what it was called but I got it because it was specifically designed to deal with having pets.

    Fitting is easy, just takes patience. The longest part was digging out the garden, levelling it with sand. We laid the grass out, left it over night as recommended so it can "relax", then just very, very patient cutting like cutting a carpet (its literally carpet but woven with green plastic.

    Price, I paid 360 for 4x10 meter. I don't know if that's cheap or not, you can get very much cheaper stuff but you get what you pay for. The stuff I got is meant to be used on football pitches and such so it has a 10 year guarantee and is meant to last people running up and down it for ages.

    I think I went with the Elite because it was thicker too.
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