Peru - ATM Fees + Limits Using UK Cards?

I read that Scotia Bank ATM's don't appear to charge fees for withdrawals. Also have read the same applies to HSBC?

However does this only apply to those people whose banks who are part of the Global ATM Alliance?

When we travel we always use our Halifax Clarity Credit Card, Santander Zero Credit Card and N&P Gold Debit Card to avoid transaction fees. But these banks don't appear to be part of this alliance, so will we still be hit for fees for simply using the ATMs?

I suppose what I need to know is how UK travellers have fared?

If we are going to get stung, what are the fees?

Also, what is the limit the ATMs will allow. I find conflicting information which seems to range from 400 to 700 soles? We are aware that our cards have their own daily cash limits.



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