This morning I bought 6 x 2L azalea plants, 3 types, two of each. I bought them at a local market and the stall holder says it's ok to put them out now (the stall was outdoors and they look healthy). I know I will have to stand them in a bucket but was then hoping to put them into containers, ready to bloom in the Spring (ever hopeful).

My question is, do you think I an plant them out now, late February, or should I put them in a semi-sheltered lean-to for a while yet?

I live in Hertfordshire.


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    You'll be fine sticking them in containers now. Stick some crock or broken polystyrene at the bottom for good drainage and use ericaceous compost to pot them on.
    If it looks like we may be getting a really cold snap, wrap the pots (not the plants- as a client I had once did!) in bubble wrap.
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