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I noticed that on another thread asking about cardio equipment that a couple of posters recommended rowing machines, and I agree that these are probably the best for whole body exercise.

I've been looking for one for several months now but can't find anything suitable. We don't particularly want an air-resistance machine (like the Concept 2) and we don't particularly want a water-resistance type of machine either.

We used to have a Tunturi machine that was compact and (I think) worked on some kind of magnetic or resistance basis together with a fly-wheel. Although not as smooth or good looking as a Concept 2 or water-rower, it was ideal for a domestic setting and gave a good workout. Is there still anything like that still out there? The only ones I've been able to track down on the internet don't look to be particularly robust or of particularly good quality.

And FWIW we already have a fairly mixed exercise regime. We run, cycle and play tennis regularly and have a reasonable set of weights. It's just that we both used to enjoy using the Tunturi. (Should never have thrown it out!)

And I am NOT interested in joining a gym!


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